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SP 13 Erich's Response: Duensing's Macroscope

c. 2010 Xantipa2
It's hard to use straight science to imagine living in simultaneous possible universes, but at the same time once you go 'fiction' it's no longer 'truth.' The only way to deal with these issues is to try and re-align the hemispheres, merge science and art back together and not in some concrete geometry/architecture way, but in the surrender of all labels and methods, the letting go of language and time, meaning and space, the whole idea of possessions and of death, the end of seeing dichotomies and movies, all difference between here and there, the printed screen and the living page of the moment. In other words, we should work to incorporate the ficciones of Borges, the deadpan satire of The Onion and the reckless rhetoric of the schizophrenic curbside prophet. If we can imagine it, we can visit it, as in dreams. Even if we can't imagine it, we can believe it, as in faith -- or vice versa, as in Hollywood.

I salute Duensing's 'letting it all hang out' approach to this issue, his essay incorporating dreams, videos, tangents, Shakespeare and Eliot allusions, etc. Approaching these topics in any single way, i.e. via straight science, psychoanalysis, fiction, philosophy, etc. is to eventually get bound up by forms. You have to kind of outline these things by backing into them sideways, numerous times, from different angles... this is the "only" path that shuns any discrepancy between path and pathlessness. We are our own jailers, our own prisons, our own terrorists, Duensing's dream detective, lawyer, suspect, connects to ours... the detective of our dream always winds up realizing that the solution to the puzzle is buried the clang of the prison alarm, the freedom train leads out of the tunnel to the showers and the alarm get clock dressed breakfast punch-in... endlessly repeated. 

The question is, do you have the time to deflate time, and the space to deflate space, and so experience all there is was and will be, all at once, in a yowl of "I'm alive, baby!" style pain? It's not easy, but on the other hand, there is nothing, NOTHING, easier.

Imagine a library, a big one, or your ultimate DVD collection. Imagine intense 3-D movies that suck you in, but there's 345,000 of them, and every month, a shipment of 200,000 more arrive. Luckily your library is vast enough to hold them; it grows exponentially. There is however only one pair of eyes, one pair of ears. You can try to watch more than one screen at the same time, but you can't follow all the stories simultaneously without getting bored, lost, overwhelmed, shifting in your covers. The only way to watch them all it once is to leave your eyes and ears behind.

Which one to watch first? And how can you just enjoy and totally lose yourself in one measly movie, knowing there's sooo many left to go through? There's a whole infinite row of lifetimes of options. There are more games and movies than a lifetime can ever hold. Without selective amnesia to curtain off the infinite, we'd be like that guy paralyzed in the video store, unable to decide as he has so many options... forever. True surrender is to let your girlfriend just pick one. Be enthusiastic about whatever crummy film she picks and that is how you will know joy. Wait eternity to make up your own mind and you become like the dog chasing his tail. The student who comes to class sure of what he wants to learn, dismissive of all else, learns nothing. If you can become deeply interested even in the tedious prattling of morons, then you are God's own chosen fool.

To me, the multiple dimension theory is like that. We're so wrapped up in our current book/movie, that arc, that story, "what are you reading?"-- that we forget there's an array of options, and effects. Once we get too curtained off, we forget there's more to life outside the TV of our one movie-at-a-space-time-continuum. Why just experience one life at a time with new multitask cleanse! Look at that sparkly shine... you can see four lives ahead, and behind, and plan accordingly! Isn't that better? But it's not. It's a trick. What's important is to forget all the other options and just be 100% into the book you're reading. As in the acclaimed poem "The 100 Year Long MP3, or "I, Pod:"

If your iPod has 20,000 songs,
how much less joy
than if it has only one?

Only that one song 
will you ever hear,
just as only that one breath
will you ever take,
and even that you must exchange,
give up, and
throw away.

Collectors pay top dollar for what is rare,
just to feel that one breath,
that currency.

Music lovers choose their 
“top ten records for a desert island,” 
hoping for a flood
to wash the rest away.

But the music lover with only the one song
hopes for nothing,
pays only attention,
loves without limits.
That one song
engulfs his senses 
it obliterates identity.

He swims in a single note for eternity
until the next note comes
a half of a second later,
and then the next, and so on -
each note more precious than the last -
and each let go of,

So is not the mechanism that lets us lose ourselves in books and movies not the same as the one lets us forget about our reincarnations, our alternate realities? The passing from this life to the next; is it not as easy as waking up from a dream to begin a new day at school, or rising from your movie seat to head out the door and go home--and if you're lucky--it's the weekend and you can sleep in--and if you're really focused, you can sleep in without thinking about what's coming Sunday night. When you dream, do you ever judge? Or compare? Do you think "oh this dream is so much less vivid than the last"? We need to constantly move ourselves from the position of the jaded shopper to that of the consumer who craves naught else, who is forced to reckon with something other than want, longing, fear, desire.

When we vividly imagine something, or share an experience, feel someone's pain, we experience around 10% of what it would be for us were we to actually experience that thing or be that person. That's a pretty high percentage. And it also means that the person stuck actually experiencing the thing in real time only experiences 90% of that.The audience steals the other 10%, the empaths, gadflies and gazes, the lookers, the rubberneckers, die schadenfreundin. So, taking this into account, even if it's not exactly correct, what does this mean?

You guessed it.

Our senses are under contract to ghost talent agents.

These are migratory souls or rather the migratory free floating narrative identification macroscope perspective. Consider the migration of our attention along the line of a sexual narrative... do we not split our id between male and female, yin and yang? The passing spirit on this scene lingers with both, freed in general but sometimes, let's say, his picture is taken in the flash. suddenly, without warning, the giant crane machine grabs him and lowers him down the metal gullet to cold clear light of the delivery room, the doctor's hand spanking him back to life, caught in the web... a passing ghost gawker at an orgy suddenly finds himself stuck on the womb flypaper.

Forgive the sordidness of the following anecdote, but let's say you're a lonely soul drawn to the comforting din of an XXX movie house. You go in, sit down, watch the couples onscreen, and man, you are deep into identifying with it, you are so into the action, you're 'feeling' what each participant onscreen is feeling, in a sense you are 'feeling' for them. So maybe the actors shooting that scene felt used, cheap, empty, hollow. Here's the reason! They had a good chunk of the gross of sensation skimmed off the top for broadcast at this more convenient time.

So now there you are, in the theater, totally into this onscreen copulation and WHAM - you're stuck.


What? How did this happen. You're not in the theater anymore, your attention and the actor's orgasm through the screen have merged and trapped you in the DNA nebula of rebirth. The theater, you realize, was in a different dimension, outside space and time: you were 'dead' and now you're 'reincarnated.' By the time you leave the theater you will suddenly remember you're someone different altogether.

There are all sorts of portals between dimensions we can access. The most common one is fire. If you look into the flame you can see right into the other dimensions, and they can see you, so be careful not to look too close, and don't make faces at the demons. Another portal is the orgasm / conception moment, the biological equivalent of a flame, or match being struck; portals exist throughout the world in the form of magnetic ripples, often near caves, canyons, and power lines; another  is the third eye / pineal gland, activated through Kundalini or Robitussin-based meditation. Go too far too fast in your meditation and you can bring home a demon, which is why sage is so important (the sage burns intra-dimensionally and sticks to the spirit's 'skin'. )

With all these portals around, you'd think there'd be more pandimensional voyagers. But society, as ever, runs on fear, ostracizing the one that's different but doesn't yet have a focus group or hate crime law to protect it.... You know those mobster films where the head mobster is all like I have enough money and now I just want to take a trip and not have to kill people and deal with y'all? And the mobsters kill him cuz they're mad he wants to leave? Like, as soon as I think I'm out they pull me back in? It's like that, daddy, don't go.... don't go unless you're called. And if you're called, leave a trail... breadcrumbs, words, paintings... anything, so you can make it back, and tell the timid all about it. And when they move to burn you, tell them it was all a dream, all a story, just a myth, only a shadow on the wall of their nice, safe cave. They may still burn you, but years later their kids will hear your story and decide to make the journey themselves... and your picture may end up on their wall, replacing Britney Spears.

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SP - 12 -- Phillips Responds To Phillips Phenomenology Comments By TCI Writers

First, I want to thank Lon, Erich and Bruce for their responses - especially when confronted with a self proclaimed piece of esoteric knowledge - LOL. It is a real rush to read the variety of possible thought patterns formed when responding to a singular posting of the nature I provided. Indeed, as you are probably sick of on our blog is me going to the Phillips Phenomenology already so much - I guess it is the freedom I feel on this blog to respond at the most fundamental levels of perception that I use as my reference point.

(To everyone, it was the PP that jolted this blog into existence - that post is in the sidebar - it is the comments between Bruce D., Flower, and myself - that inspired a morning exchange in E-Mails between Bruce and I where I said something along the lines of - don't be surprised to see me take this into a new blog idea - and 45 minutes later TCI was born and the URL sent to Bruce - who immediately replaced the pathetic original look I had for TCI. --- I like to review this history on occasion to inform readers who may be new to TCI.)

Anyway, thanks guys for your posts and let me first respond by saying -- WHAT -- YOU GUYS DON'T HAVE YOUR OWN SYSTEM? ---- lol --- Oh, well, only my mind has such pollution within it evidently. Although Lon, that sounds suspiciously close to a phenomenology and Erich - your latest post on your site easily suggests a `digestion of reality is known' - and I want to assure you that despite my totally gray hair that my perspectives have the same backings.

Indeed, let me look at Erich's response first - and my reaction is that I love your writing style and appreciate having you in the starting rotation at TCI. Anyway, let me respond to:

I'll confess I've never been able to understand phenomenology (yet); in fact it took me three tries just to spell it for this response. My natural instinct as a autodidact, then, is then to dismiss it-- distract the imaginary thesis dissertation professor with a card trick. And another is to urge the realization that once we drift too far into the realm of big words and fixed ideas, we can get lost.

Again, awesome start had me laughing out loud and I'm not bs'ing - to be called `the imaginary thesis dissertation professor with a card trick' - is one of the highlights of alltime comments about my ideas. And, I agree, the idea of a fixed set of ideas, in the realm of big words, (whatisnotabletonotbe - for instance), is an area that despite the fixtures surrounding us all - can allow all to get totally lost in just positing the perceptions `correctly'.

I visualize this as a two dimensional chessboard, and "I" am the king, able to move in any direction, one square at a time. However, there may be spirits or enemy pieces in squares very close to mine who can't touch me due to only being able to move diagonally, and so forth. And of course, there's the off board vastness, where the murdered pieces go.

I'm using my editor's power to feature just how cool your writing style is above - this a A+ TCI stuff and thanks for getting the idea of directly commenting on words within the seed.

However, all that said, I found Phillips' phenomenology graspable, as it reminds me a little of Seth speaks and a lot of other channeled info I've read over the years (Rick, you're a channel!) The spirits who've channeled through me, I should point out, have tended to be rogues and charlatans, angels and devils disguised as each other... they do this so well I have to take what the angels say with skepticism and appreciate the tough love behind the tortures of Hell. In the end, they're all you, and me, togetherrr-- Sarah. So the question is, do you trust yourself? Can you tell when you're lying to yourself? If you answered yes, then right there, the answer is no.

(To speak in Gurdjieff talk) - This one has not thought about Seth in ages - and indeed, as this one expressed, these were NOT my thoughts - this one swears. This one visited with the spirits of the plant at extreme levels for years - when this Phenomenology `came thru' at the most extreme stoned levels on the herb from the Colombian farming community. With you and Lon reaching into some of the `sub-space' of the Phenomenology Structure and anyone knowing that the same is happening to Bruce D. (by his writings of his experiences, especially lately) - the very idea of `channeling information' hardly seems beyond reason.

I haven't read Barbour, but I think I understand the concept of reality 'picking the next moment' -but I also know how little effort is actually involved in making the 'next' picked 'moment' completely separated from the normal path, it's all done with the ease of flipping a cable channel... if you know how (and our social order makes it as hard as possible to know how, and with good reason). I would agree that time is illusory, and/or relative, but so is space, once you escape our three dimensional consensual reality --even one's own personal non-able to be-ness can be dissolved, re-manifested, obliterated and returned to like a book some elder god reads before bed time. And on that level, so is life, and certainly language. When you transcend time, space is not far behind, and language has to be let go long before that... if you can--through whatever neurochemical or spiritual means at your disposal--get a grasp of this fathomless eternal moment, you won't be able to bring your notebook

All it involves is a slight shift in brain chemistry, the equivalent of letting go of the structural life raft and trusting to breathe in the salty water... the doors of perception kick open and what was once merely, say, a candle in front of you in the darkness, becomes an axis in time/space, hell, Jesus on the cross, God, Moses' burning bush blazing five miles in the distance as you travel through the desert night, and the eye of a dragon as it slithers on scales of air and smoke through your boudoir, all at once, and you now understand why what to you is merely the picking up of a book off a coffee table is life and death to distant civilizations, cities you can reach only through sleeping, shrinking to sub-atomic level, or traveling to the opposite end of the galaxy, the realization that your entire life and set of memories is all encompassed in every drop of water you

Again Erich, you absolutely can `bring it with words' -- now, I must include another name of a writer that I can't express how highly I enjoyed his take on how perceptions are formed -- Lujan Matus. Now, I won't go into here my own perceptions but you can find his main work on Google books (except what they don't include so that the book will have value to be purchased). Anyway, he speaks much about the imprinting of every object at the earliest of ages for a child and boy oh boy - does it make sense. (BTW, I treat ideas as ideas and don't hold them up to `proof' of divine origin - like Lujan's ideas really being told to him by Don Juan - as Don Juan did with Carlos Castaneda. To me, it's the minds of Lujan and Carlos at work in putting the ideas to words. Indeed, I kinda like that Phenomenology has no real need for some divine origin. Actualization is actualization - explain it - that is Phenomenology.)

In my PP, the not-able-to-be would ONLY be `within ones own space' - quite possibly at what others have called the `do spot'. It's the part of the structure that actualizes YOUR real - that will be reflected to others - in other parts of the PP. Ironically, while the PP maintains that EVERYTHING is a `Space' - it all was motivated by a question I had in my mind `How Could Time Have Ever Begun?' (time in the traditional common consensus)

I imagined a field of `ableness' - `able-to-be(ness)' - that emerged from -- indeed -- Nothingness. Nothingness, included potential. (much to its surprise I suspect) However, this able(ness) was ONLY that for an `ending eternity' - which to the PP emerged as a `limitation of that space' - into the momentum of `one of the PP' concepts (and I have an argument for each).

People who experience smoking DMT or doing ayuhuasca or iboga in shamanistic studies, will tell you--their eyes wide with respect and trepidation--that the world is much wilder and stranger than we can imagine, and it's all right here around us, all the time-- our reality is like Hot 97 on the FM dial, but all you need to do is turn the knob a bit to the left or right and our reality dissolves into static and some mighty strange stations start up, and when you're completely outside it, you realize the whole range of stations is played at once--and has always been playing, just waiting for some radio to tune it in-- the pure possibility and intent.

Indeed. However, one only needs something such as `Mutual Hypnosis' as done by Charles Tart to induce real explorable mutual worlds perceptions as real as ours too. The availablity of other perception structures is mindboggling for sure.
Frankly Erich, I could have commented on nearly every line you wrote as it was so rich in ideas - so I will leave my response at this and move onto Lon:
Lon, anyone who would consider you just a person with a successful paramormal - should read your response - thanks for taking the time to be HEAVY -- just as Erich was (and I too I hope). And, I see much truth in much of what you write - indeed, I believe ALL TCI writers to be on somewhat the same wavelength in some manner.
First Lon, when you start with "The body is our general medium for having a world."  -- the brilliant statement of Maurice Merleau-Ponty - I would add just one thing --- The World Is Earth. We, exist on a F-ing planet - that is indeed embedded with the characteristics as real as ours. If we were NOT on a `world' -- as we may be after dying - our experiencing altered states - the field becomes boundlessly ----------- able-to-not-be.
There is a wide belief that all humans are composite beings, meaning that we have two fundamental sides...a body and a soul. In the language of remote viewing the soul is known as the ‘subspace aspect’ of a person...basically the non-physical component of a human being. When death occurs the physical body is no longer a composite being but continues to exist as a subspace entity. The physical realm of solid matter is both separate from and connected to subspace

Using my PP - it would be how the future becomes the present that becomes the past (the actualized part) - all being connected viaspaces of the phenomenology structure.
Anyway Lon, thanks for adding to the discussion with a full pedal to the floor driving of worthwhile reading heavyness.
And, Bruce - what the F can I say - our minds are frighteningly similar. I loved your disclaimer.
The Net of a Experiential Web

1. Reality as a state of sentience is non verbal. The conversion of perception to thought, whether it is measured in the velocity studies of biochemists, Krishnamurti or Zen, there is a process of transcription. The `structure' of phenomenology provides the field for transcription. Indeed, a transcription is also `painting' that phenomenology.

2. This transcription by language based on semiotic environmental cues is based on comparative relationships that the mind analyzes, much like the basis of the perception of sequential time. It is a process that is a quasi-reality superimposed on a pre-existing non verbal state of discerning what G Spencer Brown would call "distinctions" - Like `the most similar with the least intrinsic difference'.

3. These distinctions create an illusion of movement. Whether it is the linearity of calender time, the biological arc of creatures, or then versus "now." - The `notabletonotbe' stamp is the final count of potential.

4. All perceptual information being transcribed by thought within the illusion of movement, makes all knowledge a matter of context in which predictors are scrims, or self referential to the environment in which they arise. I would only add that IMO knowledge is also part of the unactualized.

Beyond The Mesh of A Web

Reality is a tripartite relationship of the non verbal, hence invisible becoming manifested while the verbal, the perceptual and material dissipates into the non verbal, and our own locus as such is that we are poised in the reconciliation of becoming. The most arduous process is to see that neither the invisible nor the visible are the point of the exercise, that our reality having one foot in biological material and the other invisible even to itself, underlines the often quoted reality cited by Jesus, wherein, we have no place to rest our heads, a truism. Heavy Duty Stuff.

One aspect of myself as a locus of manifestation is never the same twice and yet much like the photonic perception of vision, there is a external perception that there is a form of a steady state rather than a discontinuous one that is neither material nor entirely invisible, otherwise these words would be transparent beyond your ken. To me too the `steadiness' is nearly totally perplexing -- especially without IMO the PP idea of not-able-to-not-be(ness) - the determined. Which as self-conscious spaces - we `see' as a flow.


The process of the transcription of thought applied to non verbal referents of time is akin to a movie screen that reflects this reality of neither being rooted materially or completely invisible. Our space time is not discrete.

It is the inverse square of our triangulated perception, that is reality, that by it's nature cannot be ascribed to our orientating markers. Do they have this level of thinking on other websites?

Finally, I want to take on the words of TCI author Bruceleeeowe who put this in the comments section of my post:

Hello Sir,

your phenomenology much sounds like philosophy. This is very similar to eastern philosophy of karma and 'Meemansa' . A recent work in quantum physics suggest that time could indeed be an emergent phenomenon like gravity. I'll like to review the case in context of that paper in next post. It's said that philosophy is easier to comprehend than physics but now, I know it's not! Bruceleeeowe, thanks for your ` comment' - next time please put it as a post response so that everyone knows what writers on TCI have to say. That said, I'd LOVE to have you do a post like that - work it up ---- we will get the timing down better in an e-mail to everyone shortly. Anyway, I'd love to read the connection between Meemansa, gravity, time and the PP.

Okay, readers of TCI - I think my mind has about reached the end point of this session.

I want to thank the responders to our posts too - and when you post as a TCI writer please respond to those commenting on your posts too.

I want to thank again, Erich, Lon and the Bruce's for the use of their subspaces in their minds - may we do it many more times.

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TCI Featured `Writers' - December Feature

Hello All Fans Of The C Influence - Welcome Back especially to our fans who have marked us a favorite (why not do that yourself if you haven't yet). Today I begin a once a month feature that TCI will be doing - and that will be to feature some of the primary websites and postings that TCI writers have done recently. Please bookmark and return to The C Influence - .

Today - I begin with one of Erich Kuersten main webpages.
Dec 1st - The Cheshire Cat Style ......What is the difference between hallucinations and waking life? Are dreams the third eye vision of alternate realities?

Take the Cheshire Cat for example which exists with 'just a smile' now there are many ways to interpet this, some very literally, like the EXORCIST: THE VERSION YOU'VE NEVER SEEN, some less so.
What about the audio?
I've had episodes where my own thoughts were spoken to me by the crazed horns in Mingus’ Saint and the Sinner Lady album. The repeating squawks now becoming a human voice, my voice, our voice, The Voice, for it has always only been one voice.....
Want more?
Novemeber 7th -
Bruceleeeowe's site - - almost daily explores the outer reaches of the science side of the near impossible.

Bruce's most recent offering was on Dec. 3rd - -- beginning with these words ..... Science fiction lovers aren’t the only ones captivated by the possibility of colonizing another planet. Scientists are engaging in numerous research projects that focus on determining how habitable other planets are for life. Mars, for example, is revealing more and more evidence that it probably once had liquid water on its surface, and could one day become a home away from home for humans.

“The spur of colonizing new lands is intrinsic in man,” said Giacomo Certini, a researcher at the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Science (DiPSA) at the University of Florence, Italy. “Hence expanding our horizon to other worlds must not be judged strange at all. Moving people and producing food there could be necessary in the future.”
Humans traveling to Mars, to visit or to colonize, will likely have to make use of resources on the planet rather than take everything they need with them on a spaceship. This means farming their own food on a planet that has a very different ecosystem than Earth’s. Certini and his colleague Riccardo Scalenghe from the University of Palermo, Italy, recently published a study in Planetary and Space Science that makes some encouraging claims. They say the surfaces of Venus, Mars and the Moon appear suitable for agriculture.....

On Dec 2nd - Bruce did this - GJ 1214b: Probing the Atmospheres of Super Earths -

Bruce Duensing's website - provides a wealth of material that challenges the outer limits of brain intelligence.

Bruce's most recent offering - begins in this manner:
A few days ago, I published the following; "After posting three short essays on the unknown experiential and non linguistic language that seems to thread behind what appears on the screen, in a variety of settings within the paranormal spectrum, which culminated in a very anomalous series of polyphonic tones coming from a electronic device, there is another layer to this, which I had ( up until this morning), dismissed as a fluke or some unknown glitch, whose origin escapes me, that is ( once again) my telephone answering machine. Some of you may recall the two previous strange encounters with odd electronic voices interacting with my family, warning of something or someone as "nefarious", which then led to a e-mail correspondence with George Hansen and Mark Macy. In the past week, and in particular this morning there have been a semi-regular series of inbound calls that:

1. Triggered the answering machine
2. Have left no identifying numbers of origin
3. The recordings have been the sound of a warning tone, and a message,
" the number you have reached is no longer in service"
4. A disconnect "click" is heard.

On Nov. 27th - Bruce did this post -
Regan Lee's Website - - her latest post Dec. 4th - her topic, `implants' in Soldiers - This chilling story brings up so many obvious things, including the idea that much of the alien abduction scenarios are created by governments: MILABS, etc. One vet suing the CIA found, via an MRI, a chip implanted by way of his sinuses....

This was Regan's Nov. 26th posting -

Lon Strickler's Daily Phantom and Monsters site - latest probes into the unknown - - Included these features - Strange Encounter / Abduction Attempt - Morrison, Colorado - 12/3/2010 on Dec. 4th - -- this from Dec. 3rd - Alien Gods: Anu, Lord of the Great Above - - and this from Dec. 2nd (I think)
Lesley Gunter's Daily `The Debris Field' can be found here - - daily, 10-25 stories are covered by Lesley many with short introductions.
John Carlson's Website - - has been covering Cryptozoology with some infield reports this one from Nov. 22nd - Adam Davies returned Saturday, November 20th from his expedition in search of India’s famed apeman, the Mande Burung (Wild Jungle People). After two weeks in the jungles of the West Garo Hills district of the state of Meghalaya, Adam and his team of researchers came away with some very compelling evidence of the creature’s existence. Having just returned, Adam was understandably jet-lagged and exhausted, but he was kind enough to send me a brief email in which he offered to allow me to reprint some of the initial notes he made on his blog concerning his findings. I hope to speak with Adam soon (once he’s rested and recovered) to gather some further information about this latest expedition, but in the meanwhile, here is what he has to say:...
Needless to say, a REAL interesting read - and this post from the 13th of November -
Rick Phillips has been covering - on Dec. 5th - and posted this on The Heavy Stuff on Nov. 30th - - The Possible Phenomenology of Fortean Events and Anomalous Realities - Part One
Poet and Thinker - J.S. Flower - has reported via phone to working out his thoughts on some of Buckminster Fuller's Geometery - look for him to strike out any minute.
===== In Fact - Here's Flower From May 23, 2007:
Yo R.,

Non-portable water being ported...yes indeed...
Contrails entered my "dream -space", was with this woman and her 11 year
old daugher
"Look at that X in the sky Mommie"....
In "real-space" at the gas station the other day the attendant was noticing
how much dust was on the register, he said:" I just cleaned it !"...I was
on my way out and said "Its from all the spraying they are doing!" A
quizical look at me was mustered....

So we persist in the race of rats and wonder along the way

The only goal is to witness and observe what is, remember to not identify
and be...
Long Hollow impact but a memory
Conkles shared gazing of streaming light packets
Nodescribe the 10 to others, only experience will do {its still
there, but who will find it or attempt it???}

Perhaps what we learn is only part of the aboriginal dreamtime gathered
then forgotten...

Hopewellian rambles on

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