Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hear And Read Writers Of The C Influence In 2012

First, I want to thank all the folks that somehow find TCI and then dig into it for the esoteric chat within. Your continued interest despite the lack of new posts is very impressive and appreciated.
However, despite a lack of posts, the writers of TCI have indeed been active - and even collaborating (thanks to contacts by fellow TCI writers). Indeed, THREE TCI writers (Duensing, Phillips, and Kuersten) will be included in Robert Cheatham's upcoming book `Materialization's & Manifestations' (subtitled) UFO Drag Queen. It will be Cheatham's fourth book in the previous two years. The cover and back cover of the book - scheduled to be released in January (I believe) - can be found At Robert Cheatham's Website.

Trust me - the covers are classic as is Cheatham's website - so look around once you are there.
Also in TCI `news' .....ta da..... is my (Rick Phillips) upcoming `appearence' on Lon Stickler's and Eric Altman's Internet Radio Show called Beyond The Edge Radio. http://www.beyondtheedgeradio.com/ - on January 15th, 2012. The show runs from 8-10 PM and has been on-internet-air for sometime now. It will be the FIRST time that Lon and I have ever spoken together (or Eric and myself). It should be a fun time and I hope TCI folks will check in too.
Finally, why not some original material around here for a change...... the ever elusive J.S. Flower -- who once again responds to a link I send to him about the land surface needed to power all of Earth's power needs with solar. Flower, like many of us, is not at all pleased with how the world power structure is run. Anyway, the below is what I like to refer to as Rantology - as only J.S. Flower can produce - remember, this is in response to a link about solar power:
Yo R.,

Saw in new Nat.Geo. that Georgia makes alot of chopsticks...
Big Cats survival questionable
Reading from Among the Truthers:

Yevgeny Zamyatin author of We:

"People? No that does not describe them. These are not feet-
they are stiff, heavy wheels, moved by some invisible transmission belt.
These are not people - they are humanoid tractors"

Those last two words jumped off the page at me
prompting my own quote:

"Humanoid tractors that plow in a cyberspace world of the blogosphere"
added verbiage:
each blog a furrow in this so called "civilized" mind
electronic seeds that hum
primal zero collecting
identity theft peril
clicks away toward
a flatline future...

We were warned about the squares
now all inclusive
from screen to shining screen
memory pixels foster
spherical cube mentality
total squareness rounded out
knowing not the dilemma

Hard copy info coming soon to (my address)

Hopewell as far removed as the 336th day of 11...

Couple Robert Cheatham Books Below:

Book Description

Publication Date: 2011
anomalous propagation: those false returns on the radar screen, on your consciousness, the wiggles seen out of the corner of the eye: there but not there, the material world brought to life, zombie-like; the conscious world put to sleep, zombie-like' meeting in the middle, we exist somewhere between transmission and 'false' return. Nothing to do but dance that mess around.

Book Description

Publication Date: 2011
The catalogue of works shown at Eyedrum Art and Music gallery with essay by Robert Cheatham and photos of works by the artists

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