Friday, July 30, 2010

Colucci - Actualizes Esoteric Discussion - Lon's Theory

Paranormal activity is usually phenomenow "sic" experienced as a sort of way station where one starts to shed the last vestiges of ego on the way to non-dual awareness. One should not be detered by these subject object relationships for they merely are the powers that come to any seasoned meditator. They should be merely noted as another aspect of maya and rejected on the way to complete Nirvikalpa Samadhi where all subject object relationships end in complete immersion in reality. Om Shanti Shanti Om.


  1. Seems you are highly influenced with eastern philosophy. I have read somewhere that you can even create your own reality using SAMADHI. I haven't tried though it seems true(it's very very tough). And a ancient 'pauranik' story tells about extradimensions. Perhaps, Biocentrism could explain this. As for future being which may exhibit right now, it doesn't probable for me right now. However I'm not ignoring the possibility of that being true. I'll make it clear in my next post.

  2. I maybe wrong but seems to me I remember that somewhere,some time during my education I recall one of my professors stating that the ancient Greeks had visual perception sort of backassward. He said that they thought that what they saw was being projected from their eyes into the world as opposed to the reflected light/image entering the eye and so on. He gave no basis for his statement which was pretty much a passing remark while discussing something else. So I really can not say that his statement is factual. But it does bring me to the thought that realities or perceptions of realities maybe be of our own creation.


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