Monday, July 26, 2010

The `C' Influence Blog

Hello, welcome to The `C' Influence Blog. I am honored to be able to make this first post and to have set up THE BLOG with the name that honors the book `The Fourth Way' (TFW) by P.D. Ouspensky. While I expect that this blog will contain, eventually, lots of references to TFW - it is being set up for a reason. The reason is to provide something not readily available to the world; - a discussion by a set group of invited people - about the implications of consciousness to humans and the world as a whole.

Nearly all of the invited people to write on this blog have already proven themselves, via the internet, to possess significant interest in the esoteric with a bent to `open-mindedness' to ideas in general. That is - while still possessing SIGNIFICANT opinions on nearly all paranormal subject manner. Many of those opinions will be supported by direct experiences or even investigations.

However, this blog will also - I expect - introduce the internet community to new thinkers. After all, the people already being asked to participate as contributors - almost to a person - have to have a close friend who hears and discusses the far out theories you may be reading. So, some of those new sources are something to look forward to occurring on these pages.

Most of all, myself included, I hope that the invited writers will provide their ideas - and rejection of ideas - in a totally civil manner of respect; which most of the writers already have for each other. This will be a blog that will be a pleasure to read - a blog with the goal of enlightenment to each other. A hashing out of inner thoughts and ideas. A quoting place of great books.

At this stage - this very moment - this idea for this blog is only a matter of an hour or so old. I've already heard back in an affirmative manner from one and an `interest' by another. I also can assume that at least one of my `friends' will be IN and probably the man who is referred to as my doppelganger. I expect (hope) nearly all will respond in a positive manner.

Finally, TFW is a book of esoteric questions and esoteric answers - that anyone with an interest in the paranormal, consciousness, or big ideas should probably find and read. But, specifically - I want to provide the FIRST Question in TFW that brings about an `answer' about `C' Influence.

(Page 86 - Magnetic Centre)
Q. Is total immersion in influences B and a complete rejection of influences A a correct attitude to life? Can we altogether dispense with influence A?

A. Why should we? Influences A may be quite legitimate interests in life. If you do not disappear in them they are quite harmless. One has to accept everything that comes, only not identify. Influences A are not dangerous in themselves, only identification is dangerous. So there is no question of dispensing, there is only the question of having some interest in influences B, of not being entirely under the power of influences A. If people have an interest in these influences B, they have a magnetic centre, if not, they have no magnetic centre.

After some time, with the help of magnetic centre, a man may find a school, or if he comes near one he may recognize it. But, if he has no magnetic centre, he will not notice it, or will not be interested. And if he meets a school or a man who transmits another kind of influence, influence C, magnetic centre helps him to recognize this new influence and absorb it. If he has not absorbed enough influences B, and so has no magnetic centre, or if his magnetic centre is wrong or too weak, a man will not recognize influence C. Or he may meet a wrong school and have wrong instruction and instead of becoming better become worse; instead of acquiring, lose. Influence C differs from influences B in that it is conscious, instead of being accidental, both in origin and its action, whereas influences B are conscious in their origin but accidental or mechanical in their action. Influence C is school influence.


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