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Regan - Actualizes Esoteric Discussion - Reflections and Tricks

(phillips moderates) - Regan Lee explores the edge of Lon's post of `appearing entities' - but presenting below an excellent piece worthy in every manner for what TCI would like to become - an esoteric discussion. Regan suggests various ideas based on pure experience and yet looks for deeper explanations - worthy of discussion of other TCI writers as most of us have had some non-ordinary `events'. Indeed, I hope all TCI writers take it to heart that this will be a forum where we can speak of the non-ordinary without fear. Regan's piece is below.

Discussions here on paranormal manifestations; are these appearances  caused by “them,” ours, or combinations, a symbiotic dance, or projections? Who feeds off of whom?

I posted two images on a recent blog entry at my Orange Orb taken in a haunted house. This house has a lot of activity witnessed by many witnesses, including myself. A local news crew came out to the house a few years ago and one of the entities was clearly having a good time showing off for them. Classic things occurred: equipment, just checked before “investigations,” suddenly stopped working, heavy cameras on tripods and lights fell over abruptly as if they’d been shoved, lilting laughter and voices, hot and cold spots, ectoplasm manifesting before my very eyes . .  .

I believe the witnesses, and I’ve experienced these things as well. The area has a history of weirdness, complete with cemetery up the road. Furthermore, this kind of activity, as well as psychic traits, “follows” the family throughout generations, primarily on the female side of the family. Regardless of physical location, the “hauntings” (and a few UFO cases) are experienced by members of this very large, extended family clan, even across states.

For some of the members, all this stuff is matter of fact; they’ve lived with it all their lives. While I believe everyone I’ve spoken to, and as I’ve said, have had my own experiences there, as well as throughout my whole life with other similar situations, there have been times when I’ve wondered in listening to some of the witnesses, how much of their expectations --and their decisions about what it is that’s going on --  influence what they experience?

The recent post on The Orange Orb includes two images I took of a stairway in this house. The first time I was on this stairway, a few years ago, I felt a tremendous burst of hot, electrical energy. I’ve always heard that cold spots were typical, yet I felt almost electrocuted. I wasn’t told that this staircase was an active spot; I had no idea. The feeling wasn't uncomfortable, in fact, it was even pleasant in a weird way, but it was something I’d never experienced before, or since.

The other day, back on that same staircase, trying to maintain a sense of openness and being grounded. Yet I couldn't help but wonder (hope, even) that I’d see or feel something. Up the stairs I go, didn’t feel anything close to warmth or electrical. Oh well. Suddenly I felt a blast of icy cold; there, I felt it, the typical cold spot. Was that a projection on my part? (Which is a intellectually classy way of saying “wishful thinking.) I disagree that it was: it was a literal, outside of me event, but also a Trickster moment. Reminding me that it’s there and knows I’m out here trying to notice it. You want hot, nah, I’m playing cold today. 

The images which you can see on the blog, show an image of light, seated like a figure, at the top of the stairs. Those two images have generated a lot of discussion; reposted by ghost hunters on various forums, and by some of the residents of the house. One of those comments are from a family member who now has the room at the top of the stairs, who has said, of those images, that it’s “bullshit,” and merely reflections of light.

Hoping to capture something with the camera, I aimed, I shot, and, ... a shape evoking a figure appears.  As tantalizing as the idea of an entity appearing on film is, I agree it is light, blurs and reflections. And yet, I can’t help but feel that there could have been brought about by a trickster type trait of this specific entity.

Between these experiences of us: human, mortal, mundane, and the afterlife, or extended consciousness, spirit, whatever terms we use, are veils that move quietly and softly between us. I suspect  “they” on the other side are more aware of us than we are of them and are better at manipulating energies. Responding to our intents and expectations. Reflecting back to us what they want us to see, and what we think we want to see.

It's not either or, ghost/no ghost, wishful thinking vs. reality. It's all of it, some of it, sometimes it's just what it is: them, us.   Within all that are levels of information that affect the manifestations, including the manifesting itself. Are we, are they, are all of us. . . ? Who's playing at any given moment?

But some things are sure; what we call ghosts, or spirits, exist. It's more complex than just dead people showing themselves occasionally as flimsy, vague shapes. Like us, they vary in ability and temperament.

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