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Bruce Duensing Has Died

It is with a sad heart that I have to inform readers and discoverer's of The C Influence - of the passing of co-founder Bruce Duensing, yesterday afternoon, after what apparently was a short and intense hospital stay. The world will miss Bruce's speculations and observations about this world and world structure. I certainly will.

Finally - I wanted to share the link to my blog called The Heavy Stuff (no longer generally available on the internet) that started this blog.... the post generated an intense online discussion the likes seldom seen between Bruce and I and then offline in our e-mails... eventually I said to Bruce that I was starting the blog and within minutes Bruce was on-board as co-founder. The C Influence was our attempt to bring various intellectuals to the table to discuss the anomalous - Bruce put some amazing works on TCI (before removing them about 2 years ago) ... please dig into the labels to read what remains of his thoughts and materials here.

Anyway... and lastly... this was the post (below) that inspired Bruce and I to attempt to bring the concept of a C influence to the world..... Eventually Bruce became disenfranchised with this type of writing and removed his posts from TCI as he did with one of his other main blogs of the period (the one that made BD a known name. Perhaps it was part of the Carlos Castaneda idea of leaving a small footprint and erasing personal history
Be Here Now(ish)

One of the `esoteric takeaways' of the 1960's and 70's was the `tree-hugging' phrase - "Be Here Now". And, frankly, ultimately, it had a lot of `meanings' - from the non-attachment of Zen, to a `re-connecting' with the environment and spirituality, to a `self-centering' - awareness and meditation connotation - and even more. It was a `hip' thing to say (or - to say that you were `doing').

(This would actually be `not-doing' to those `into' Carlos Castaneda.)

Anyway, that phrase BHN entered my mind again the other week and this post has been brain bubbling since then - so - let's see how my mind treats this today. And, as you might expect - my mind generally has been mauling over the whole Phenomenology aspect of the phrase first - both in relation to `science' and my so called Phillips Phenomenology. (see my categories (labels)  on this page for much more about PP)

The first `science' thing that comes into my mind - is - of course, the shear impossibility to BE HERE NOW - as `all nows' pass and have NO duration; and our actual `here' is moving at an incredible rate of motion. All while being the pinpoint of the time-cone - with that exact balance of the actualized past `picking' the next actualized space (the now) of the `future'.

Indeed, if we just consider THE REAL SPACE - that one (humans) occupied as matter --- the `space' that `was you' - an instant ago ---------- has truly `moved' hugely

Do you know the reason?

Well, we are `traveling' on a planet that is `rotating'; we are `traveling' on a planet that is moving in rotation around a star; and we are `traveling' as part of that stars rotation around OUR galaxy; and we are `traveling' as part of the Milky Way's `movement' in a particular direction that all local galaxies are moving in. EVERY SECOND. Every Moment. (Indeed, I once added all this movement up and it is a large portion of 1% of the speed of light - every instant. The `here' of `our last instant' is `miles' from the actual location of the `here' of `this, our current instant'.)

So, that should put to rest in your mind that what we perceive as a permanent local space - is ONLY so - because it (every object within)  ALSO is moving at the same rate. We are matter spiraling thru space points - and have NO claim to a HERE in the human mind sense of the term. Indeed, only the `counting' of the here's of our space/matter - provides us with a `now' or more precisely, a here-now,  at all.

And, before I even get to the `now(ish)' - lets look at how human consciousness might fit into the words of this BHN phrase.

Certainly, the best connection of human consciousness lies in its own `beingness'.Beingness of the actualized past; beingness of the unactualized past; beingness of the actualized future (now); beingness of the `unactualized' (referred to as the) future.

beingness of `our space' (body/matter) - a beingnessof `our minds' (sense-knowingness of actualized memory, sense-knowingness of actualized now, sense-knowingness of actualized fantasy) - but most of all - a Beingness of Determinism via self-knowingness.

Indeed, we ARE, - our being IS, - because we KNOW the determinism we experience of space-time-and our consciousness - as only a BEING with a Ontological Knowingness can. BEINGS with ontological knowingness determine the `what is not able to not be'. That is, at least concerning their own perception structures of other SPACES (the not able to be) and other TIMES (the able to not be) - internally or externally.

(But spaces ARE NOTHING (not able to be) without duration (time - able to not be(ness) and time IS NOTHING without space to be (time needs to give a space it's able to not be(ness) to MAKE - the determined Not Able To Not Be --------------- that we call reality.

Finally, lets talk about what science has told humans about their consciousness of `our external senses of now'. First and foremost, research indicates that humans `see' about 100 or so `frames' of our external reality each second - YET - our consciousness picks about 8-12 of these and `molds them' into a flowing reality for perception purposes. (Not only that - reality itself - turns on and turns off - trillions of times in that frame of reference.) I won't even mention that what we `see' in our brain is upside-down and the whole process needs to be righted for our senses.

But, even more important than that - at least to me - is that EVERYTHING we see ---- all objects ------- are objects from the PAST --- as the light that bounces off objects - which allows us to sense them -  has taken (time)(or a counted space)  to reach our retina. Time which MAKES that datum a PAST, a determined past that is UN-alterable as to its location or time of its data being sent by the light bounce.

So, if EVERYTHING outside of us is FROM the past (to us)  and is Now(ish) ---- isn't the best a human can do is - Be Here Nowish?

Bruce Duensing's Words Are In This Published Book


  1. My condolences are with Bruce's family and friend. He was an amazing writer and inspiration.

  2. Condolences...and thank you.


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