Friday, July 30, 2010

Phillips - Actualizes Estoeric Discussion - Lon's Theory, Bruce's Comments

Howdy folks, - day 4 of The C Influence - as you can see, we've added yet another author - the as of yet unknown Tom Colucci who has been referred to as my Doppelganger. We are all looking forward to his input and frankly the input of everybody other than Bruce D and me. (lol) -- As I believe Lon, Bruce and I have already given plenty to `chew over' for our first seed post of Lon's. I do expect to see Lon giving his feedback to the discussion soon perhaps.

That said, I'm be remiss if I didn't respond to Bruce's comments as - as usual - his thoughts are worthy of discussion - the purpose and positioning of this blog. So, let me begin by pulling up particularly interesting ideas I've found in what Bruce said.

From - - A hydra of strange convergences has appeared through the medium of the internet on these pages as a provocation, perhaps an invocation pawned from the gold mine, only our pick axes while either sharp or dull, chip away at the material scrim of the scenery in expedition that is hopefully worthy of scaling Mount Analog.Our lives could be considered "A Novel of Symbolically Authentic Non-Euclidean Adventures in Mountain Climbing" - Indeed Bruce, The C Influence is a strange convergence - a provocation - of ideas - that we slog away to bring to each other on this blog. Fantastic wordmanship.

Then, we have perhaps a transpersonal litmus test lodged between a chasm whose depth is a highly personal survey, yet inevitably in order to have value,and avoid solipsism, we do require actual comparisons of our soundings with our fellow expedition members.

So upon this note book full of intriguing clues as to what presumably may be, an incomparable, we jot and ruminate upon the runes,the fabric tears, the corpses, with words.

What will our trawling at the edge of the known world reveal? TCI is indeed `the proof' provided of value added to ones own ideas - hopefully - again, amazing wordplay.

A daunting challenge indeed in a maze of similarities. But then you are here as the result of an experiential invitation whose possibilities seem both dangerous, foolish and intriguing.

So am I.

Bruce, an amazing first post about how similar the authors of TCI might be in their thinking and how it provides an unknown factor when it comes to our challenge of providing that `esoteric feedback' loop that you and I hope to create at TCI. Indeed, a challenge that easily could be called dangerous, foolish and intriguing to our ego's. And, indeed, probably a trait shared by most if not all invited to our experiment.

Next - "On The Past That Is Now" Upon A Parallel Path - The essay that Lon wrote in "The Future Is Now" perhaps is a modern day narrative that may be confirmed in a surprising manner if we take away the technical shroud that serves as a membrane for this way of the invention of the legominisim. What is that?

The concept is that knowledge in a non-literate culture, having descended from a literate state that had encountered a globally catastrophic "stop" of deconstruction that required the preservation of knowledge by verbal transmission. Holy Shit Bruce. First, I've never heard of legominisim (and for all I know you are toying with us by inventing a word to describe a concept - which is fantastic and over the top - I suspect that you aren't inventing anything however) and if it is anything similar to what you describe - here is how it `hit me' (meaning your words). ------ How about this - perhaps there is a `parallel knowledge' - that exists as a mechanism of possible actualization to the phenomenology we are all a member of. That `parallel knowledge' could appear to be humans from our future - but - really is - the possibility that our human consciousness is tapping into `other consciousnesses' that have had similar `stimulation' elsewhere and elsewhen. After all, humans are at least 4-5 billion years `behind' the potential for humanlike consciousness within the universe.
And, I want to bring up at this point one of the possibilities of The Big Bang if inflation is true. I literally have exchanged E-mails with Alan Guth on this once -- and that is - in his book explaining inflation - Guth used the words that the REAL UNIVERSE size - the one that INCLUDES the area beyond our observable universe - is something like a million billion trillion times the size of the observable universe. 10 to the 23rd is what the estimate is I think.
And, I think that an area that size - filled with consciousnesses that have occurred over the last 5 billion years -- has untold power within the realm of consciousness ---- especially, if my ideas are right in that consciousness represents a third leg of Phenomenology.
Your thoughts also brought into my mind the duality idea of the whole universe being `known-unknown' or `matter-nothingness' or `now-nonnow' - because it would seem to be possible that one area could provide `actualization' for the `other' --- esoteric knowledge could be `carried' in a sense from here to there. As you say right here - If you take this conceptual basis for a body of myth as a "carrier" of knowledge whose preservation is paramount, these myths may be an intentional codex that are like the fragmented memories of a past by which we can travel backward in time. One that would make global warming a "walk in the park." .......hee-hee..Mars?) or further afield, perhaps then even taking an entirely unique different evolutionary path. Perhaps this current phenomenon of distant relations is a flash from our past, in a very unanticipated manner. Hey kids, we're back...perhaps an inbred form of exobiology ia at work for all we know.

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