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Phillips - Actualizes Esoteric Discussion - TCI and Lon's Featured Theory

A short update concerning The C Influence - two more well known names in the world of anomalous websites/writers have indicated they may be joining the author list - Regan Lee and Rick Stokes - I hope TCI can make the case for them to contribute their expertise and opinions. And, two have turned down the `writers' offer very graciously while indicating an interest in the concept - Patrick Huyghe and Michael Prescott - as right now they are too time constrained. Other writer offers remain `out there' - and TCI hopes to have more info soon.

Now, what you are about to read in this post is how I expect this website will probably work - and that is - comments from an anomalous writer (me) - commenting on the esoteric stuff on the site - since my last comment about - esoteric stuff on the site. So, here we go.

This was post 1 day 1 on TCI - - in addition to explaining the `positioning' of this website (my market research terminology coming thru) it also provided insight into the Name of TCI itself. Indeed, I'd like to know the `writers' of this sites `take' about the `idea' of A, B, and C influences? Have you heard of this before? Are you familiar with Gurdijeff and Ouspensky? Do you believe that `influences' may indeed be divided for our perceptions in such a manner? ---------- And, what do you believe about `schools' of esoteric thought -- where one works on ones awareness structure -- do you think they are legit or nonsense? ---- I will give more input about my thoughts as others comment on this.

Day 2 - Lon's Post - - `The Future May Be Now' -- Ok, here's my response to Lon's thoughtful post. First, I totally respect Lon and his opinions - even more so because of the manner by which he arrives at his opinions - almost always putting together divergent `facts' about the experiences of himself and the huge number of anomalous experiences he is exposed to on P&M. And, while I have been following Lon's interest/excitement about the Eckhart phenomena - I can't say that I waded thru the HUGE amount of `proof' Lon provided (many videos) a month or two ago. So, point one - LON is speaking from a more detailed understanding on this phenomena happening to Eckhart. Also, in Lon's post - I don't think that he has really given us `the details' yet - as to why he feels the way he states about `aliens' and `their being from the future'. I will look forward to Lon's detailing of that in TCI if he wishes.

That said, TCI is about discussion - and I will now bring that full force.

My first statement would be to re-cap what I said in my link in response to the solving of the Grandfather Paradox - (as you saw on TA twice this week - - Now, since you are a reader and intellectual Lon - I expect you have read that - that said, I think the key point I am making intellectually is this "We simply - CAN'T GO BACK - to realness." IMO.

So, to me, concerning the `time aspect' of these entities Eckhart is experiencing - `coming back to our present' - for me - doesn't work. That is not to discount other possibilities to explain the phenomena that leads you to believe this is the case - and as I mentioned above - I think you have specifics you haven't shared.

Also, as I wrote in `Be Here Nowish' - and in the comments that ensued from that post (which actually generated the very idea of this website via the 6 HEAVY comments following the post - 3 from members/writers of TCI) I think at best that NOW is really `nowish' at least to the singular experiencer like a human being. That said, it really is not a blanket NO to `phenomena of an anomalous type' as `all spaces only have `their now' inside of them -- as - to me -- ALL that is not us - is in the past - due to the reasons I list at the above link of mine'.

Also, my belief would be closer to this for what I expect is the phenomena you are hearing about - Lon - I think that `consciousness' is literally a `third leg' of phenomenology - that `consciousness' is not exclusive to humans, or Earth, -- and is literally `everywhere' in the universe to some level. Maybe that is `God' -- but at the very least - I think that `all the other beings with self-awareness - that are `human similar' - we as humans - may have `access' to. Literally.

I briefly touched on that at the heavy stuff when I presented my alternative view of `a twist to aliens showing humans our apoculypse' .

Finally and more importantly - do I find what you are saying to be `impossible' - absolutely NOT. Also, I am VERY interested in the so-called `underground bases' ever since I read `Hunt for the Skinwalker' - I'd love to know why you support the idea.

Day 2 - Bruce's comment - More esoteric discussion of our first `seed post' - the actualization of esoteric discussion (for those too lazy to hit comments here it is) While I am a atheist toward the existence of "now" except as a referent, a word, this concept is an interesting one that has been undervalued. Some physicists are reexamining the Big bang theory as they suspect some of what they are observing in the universe seems to entail a post selective process, that suggests also what has been found in some unrelated experiments in sending a signal backwards in time.
My Comment - I like this Bruce as it reminds me of the main actualization phrase by Julian Barbour -- that the `spaces' `pick' the next moment via a process of determining which of the infinite spaces available to be actualized by using the criteria of `best matching with least intrinsic difference'.

In the Bible there was a coy reference to a certain personage being "gathered back" to his forebears, as P.D Ouspensky suspected that the evolutionary impetus may involve a "backwash" phenomenon from the fourth dimension, rather than a linear causality, the mutational and post selective choices being pressedreverse" stream of information. In other words, a civilizing factor could be like an underground stream surfacing intermittently in "feedback" waves. The implication is that data moves in an unlimited amount of directions rather than being set to a circular orbital rotation like a mechanical watch.

My comment - Excellent thought - much like what Ouspensky says about `recurrence'.

My own take is that the "quantum "observer effect is likely to be at play wherein the anticipation of what will be an experiential reality is tampered with by expectations that are culturally set that gives rise and room for gnomes, blond Venusians, Greys and Fairy Folk..which seems to be, in retrospect, a validation of Vallee's early theories that predate the growing arrival these theories being validated.

My Comment - I think you are onto something with this.

More in line with your theory is that perhaps instead of hybridization, we may be seeing genomes being planted as a delay fused implant that would make the mineral deposits claimed as tracking devices seem ridiculous. I really doubt this in more ways than I can express here. A great post to begin with
Finally, readers - writers - and writers still on the fence as to writing on TCI --- I hope this post shows what can be accomplished in a free forum of discussion about esoteric theories.
Lastly, writers of TCI - comments on these comments? Simply enter and post - do not worry about your post being on top -- ONLY SEED POSTS will be kept on top and SEED POSTS will NOT be daily.
Readers - The comment button is below - you will get a response.

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