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TCI Featured `Writers' - December Feature

Hello All Fans Of The C Influence - Welcome Back especially to our fans who have marked us a favorite (why not do that yourself if you haven't yet). Today I begin a once a month feature that TCI will be doing - and that will be to feature some of the primary websites and postings that TCI writers have done recently. Please bookmark and return to The C Influence - .

Today - I begin with one of Erich Kuersten main webpages.
Dec 1st - The Cheshire Cat Style ......What is the difference between hallucinations and waking life? Are dreams the third eye vision of alternate realities?

Take the Cheshire Cat for example which exists with 'just a smile' now there are many ways to interpet this, some very literally, like the EXORCIST: THE VERSION YOU'VE NEVER SEEN, some less so.
What about the audio?
I've had episodes where my own thoughts were spoken to me by the crazed horns in Mingus’ Saint and the Sinner Lady album. The repeating squawks now becoming a human voice, my voice, our voice, The Voice, for it has always only been one voice.....
Want more?
Novemeber 7th -
Bruceleeeowe's site - - almost daily explores the outer reaches of the science side of the near impossible.

Bruce's most recent offering was on Dec. 3rd - -- beginning with these words ..... Science fiction lovers aren’t the only ones captivated by the possibility of colonizing another planet. Scientists are engaging in numerous research projects that focus on determining how habitable other planets are for life. Mars, for example, is revealing more and more evidence that it probably once had liquid water on its surface, and could one day become a home away from home for humans.

“The spur of colonizing new lands is intrinsic in man,” said Giacomo Certini, a researcher at the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Science (DiPSA) at the University of Florence, Italy. “Hence expanding our horizon to other worlds must not be judged strange at all. Moving people and producing food there could be necessary in the future.”
Humans traveling to Mars, to visit or to colonize, will likely have to make use of resources on the planet rather than take everything they need with them on a spaceship. This means farming their own food on a planet that has a very different ecosystem than Earth’s. Certini and his colleague Riccardo Scalenghe from the University of Palermo, Italy, recently published a study in Planetary and Space Science that makes some encouraging claims. They say the surfaces of Venus, Mars and the Moon appear suitable for agriculture.....

On Dec 2nd - Bruce did this - GJ 1214b: Probing the Atmospheres of Super Earths -

Bruce Duensing's website - provides a wealth of material that challenges the outer limits of brain intelligence.

Bruce's most recent offering - begins in this manner:
A few days ago, I published the following; "After posting three short essays on the unknown experiential and non linguistic language that seems to thread behind what appears on the screen, in a variety of settings within the paranormal spectrum, which culminated in a very anomalous series of polyphonic tones coming from a electronic device, there is another layer to this, which I had ( up until this morning), dismissed as a fluke or some unknown glitch, whose origin escapes me, that is ( once again) my telephone answering machine. Some of you may recall the two previous strange encounters with odd electronic voices interacting with my family, warning of something or someone as "nefarious", which then led to a e-mail correspondence with George Hansen and Mark Macy. In the past week, and in particular this morning there have been a semi-regular series of inbound calls that:

1. Triggered the answering machine
2. Have left no identifying numbers of origin
3. The recordings have been the sound of a warning tone, and a message,
" the number you have reached is no longer in service"
4. A disconnect "click" is heard.

On Nov. 27th - Bruce did this post -
Regan Lee's Website - - her latest post Dec. 4th - her topic, `implants' in Soldiers - This chilling story brings up so many obvious things, including the idea that much of the alien abduction scenarios are created by governments: MILABS, etc. One vet suing the CIA found, via an MRI, a chip implanted by way of his sinuses....

This was Regan's Nov. 26th posting -

Lon Strickler's Daily Phantom and Monsters site - latest probes into the unknown - - Included these features - Strange Encounter / Abduction Attempt - Morrison, Colorado - 12/3/2010 on Dec. 4th - -- this from Dec. 3rd - Alien Gods: Anu, Lord of the Great Above - - and this from Dec. 2nd (I think)
Lesley Gunter's Daily `The Debris Field' can be found here - - daily, 10-25 stories are covered by Lesley many with short introductions.
John Carlson's Website - - has been covering Cryptozoology with some infield reports this one from Nov. 22nd - Adam Davies returned Saturday, November 20th from his expedition in search of India’s famed apeman, the Mande Burung (Wild Jungle People). After two weeks in the jungles of the West Garo Hills district of the state of Meghalaya, Adam and his team of researchers came away with some very compelling evidence of the creature’s existence. Having just returned, Adam was understandably jet-lagged and exhausted, but he was kind enough to send me a brief email in which he offered to allow me to reprint some of the initial notes he made on his blog concerning his findings. I hope to speak with Adam soon (once he’s rested and recovered) to gather some further information about this latest expedition, but in the meanwhile, here is what he has to say:...
Needless to say, a REAL interesting read - and this post from the 13th of November -
Rick Phillips has been covering - on Dec. 5th - and posted this on The Heavy Stuff on Nov. 30th - - The Possible Phenomenology of Fortean Events and Anomalous Realities - Part One
Poet and Thinker - J.S. Flower - has reported via phone to working out his thoughts on some of Buckminster Fuller's Geometery - look for him to strike out any minute.
===== In Fact - Here's Flower From May 23, 2007:
Yo R.,

Non-portable water being ported...yes indeed...
Contrails entered my "dream -space", was with this woman and her 11 year
old daugher
"Look at that X in the sky Mommie"....
In "real-space" at the gas station the other day the attendant was noticing
how much dust was on the register, he said:" I just cleaned it !"...I was
on my way out and said "Its from all the spraying they are doing!" A
quizical look at me was mustered....

So we persist in the race of rats and wonder along the way

The only goal is to witness and observe what is, remember to not identify
and be...
Long Hollow impact but a memory
Conkles shared gazing of streaming light packets
Nodescribe the 10 to others, only experience will do {its still
there, but who will find it or attempt it???}

Perhaps what we learn is only part of the aboriginal dreamtime gathered
then forgotten...

Hopewellian rambles on

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