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SP 14 - Phillips Interviews Shamen

Hello, welcome to The C Influence Blog - a home for great blogger material of an esoteric nature. Today I want to bring others up to date on some blogging I've been doing about a Shaman named Lujan Matus (who is even considering becoming a writer here too) -- yes, a Shaman. I also have been interviewing an associate of his Roshan. Here in this post - I present Roshan - it is a re-print that appeared on my blog called The Heavy Stuff - This is titled Roshan, Three Pronged Nagual - Writes `Medicine Child’ - Comments On Lujan Matus - and this is the link to the full post -

Hello fans of The Heavy Stuff - thanks for visiting again today. As some of you know, in THS’s last post was an interview with Lujan Matus, a shaman who maintains to have connections to the teachings of Don Juan Matus of Carlos Castaneda fame. These connections to the teachings comes thru LM’s dreams, which he evidently interprets verbally to someone else to transcribe. Lujan also runs workshops which participants suggest bring them into contact with a higher awareness level and also offers some proofs via `miracles’ such as telekinesis.

Today, THS brings to you one of Lujan Matus’s students - one also who seemingly has contact with part of the Shaman knowledge that LM has access to perceiving — again, doing this accessing of information thru HIS dreams too. The mans name is Roshan - I bring you his first contact to THS via a comment he submitted in the initial LM post in 2010: here it is in it’s entirety:

Hello Rick, I wanted to introduce myself and offer my impression of Lujan briefly. Thus far I have enjoyed reading here and hope to be able to contribute more later this year beyond this basic initiation of contact. I am currently completing my book Medicine Child which highlights my accounts with the old nagual Lujan and his companions as well as my experiences preceeding and ensuing after their presence with Lujan. While Lujan is my teacher, we share the same wards.These mysterious men wove thru the dream of life I am experiencing in both waking and sleeping states. I have in fact seen two of them while wide awake and not under the influences of any substances. The first was the old nagual and last was the man known as Malaiyan who materialized before me altering the physical construct by moving an object. The other men Lucein, Barak and Zakai I also encountered in dream states which as I mentioned related directly or wove into my waking experience of the world as I approached Lujan. As far as attesting to the testimonials regarding his abilities, most of what I have to say is in my upcoming book which I intend to release this spring, yet I will summarize since the topic arose.

I have undergone five weeks of tuition with Lujan in person and exchanged with him online for four years as I am constantly amazed and inspired by his words and abilities. He has in fact telekinetically moved me accross a room on three occasions and instructed me as an initiate in his energetic practices where I have undergone shifts similar to the heightened states Castenada has described. i.e. my double has been perceived by others and I have observed accross the planet as well as witnessing the appearance of Lujan’s double.

Two other warriors accompanied me on my first trip to Bali and are included in my account, my wife Maerin and close friend Mountain. They experienced mutual shifts thruMaerin saw him lift a pair of windchimes via telekinesis as well as profoundly benefitting health wise from four healing sessions. However, the most relevant talent is not these abilities, it is his reflection of truth to which we required assitance in being spoken. Not in the guru sense, but in the manner of impersonal service and the empowerment of others to which he aspires when directly interacting. I do assure you however that the series of movements and gazing exercises are authentic in the proclaimed alterations they produce to perception.

I will also mention that while I have the same energetic configuration as Castenada, I came to be in a much different manner. Beings such as our benefactors intervened with me as a child similar to Lujan’s account revealing to me my task and the interrationship of all life which was that common denomonator often called infinity. Peering beyond linear time making subtle adjustments of which they could forsee the outcome of which inevitably became our shared fate. Thank you for your time and interest in our efforts and I do hope to communicate further,

Here’s a link to Roshan’s Blog -

Roshan - thank you for your comments about the knowledge you have received and the anomalous events too. I will post some questions in the comments and will continue this posting there.
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Now, go to the link to read my question to Roshan - and, I have already gotten an answer than I will be posting soon - so stay tuned.

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