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Mande Burung Expedition Video

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Mande Burung Expedition Video

Posted on: Saturday, December 18, 2010 by John Carlson in the Cryptozoology category

Once again, Adam Davies has been so kind as to share his experiences with the readers of The Paranomalist. For regular readers of our website, I’m sure that you know that Adam was recently searching for the Mande Burung, a large, bipedal hominoid reportedly seen by many of the inhabitants of the Garo Hills region of India.

Adam Davies, Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology Richard Freeman, and a team of additional researchers met with local M-B researcher Dipu Marak, spending approximately three weeks investigating this rugged, heavily forested and mountainous area of northeastern India for evidence of the elusive creature. In addition to collecting physical evidence, the cryptid researchers interviewed many of the native inhabitants who reported to have seen the Mande Burung.

Please enjoy a portion of Adam’s video journal of his most recent cryptozoological investigation:
Please see the video at John's webpage -

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