Sunday, May 15, 2011

Drones From Above

As is sometimes the case when I send Mr. Flower something from the internet - In this case the link to the amazing new tool on Google that sorts 5.5 million books since 1800 by WORD - - and this is what bubbled forth:

Christ Came Juggling
by Eugene Warren

Poem from Winter/Spring 2005 inside back cover.

Christ came juggling from the tomb,
flipping and bouncing death’s stone pages,
tossing those narrow letters high
against the roots of dawn spread in cloud.

This Jesus, clown, came dancing
in the dust of Judea, each slapping step
a new blossom spiked with joy.

Hey! Listen—that chuckle in the dark,
that clean blast of laughter behind—
Christ comes juggling our tombs
tossing them high and higher yet,
until they hit the sun and break open
and we fall out, dancing and juggling
our griefs like sizzling balls of light.
Eugene Warren

Drones from Above
by J.S.Flower

Written after reading on the 129 day of 11... using borrowed words:

The drone came out of nowhere
dropping death’s stone pages
some dastardly controlled machine
sending the package earthbound

This Osama/Obama dilemma of serious disillusioned "leaders" both
Smacking history upside its collective head
Hey! Wake up you death mongering idiots...
Using the word perfection to describe this event on 60 minutes,
Joe thought it was exhilarating, watching from afar
this shows the depth of justified abhorrent behavior
via the screen of deception

Like using Geronimo's name as part of this operation

No respect for anything, sanity left naked, sizzling, like drones from above

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