Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Speaking Of Flux........

Mr. Flower emerges from the event horizon with this offering in  a recent E-Mail offering to Phillips:
Yo R.,
Speaking of flux...
Found this quote on the back of a business card:
"with the advent of GPS-enabled cell phones, hyperaccurate space was woven together with hyperaccurate time as the new standard for a cultural life that had accelerated to the speed of the cloud. In this process, we traded the internal arena of personal inhabited time for a more crowded more public domain in which we were always available, always locateable and always part of a social network."

So thus it seems that non-standard time, non-locality and non-dual awareness will remain almost impossible to conceptualize let alone achieve with this dumbing down i-everthing, microsoft-blogability, machine presence that fills the mind and hand with more digital finger tip garbage to masticate upon...sheeple, manimals fracksawdozing away this incredible harmonious mystery....for zero collecting and HFT yo-yo's market absurdity functioning.

Lesser of two evils is wearing thin drone you think?
The throwaway insights of J. Flower - found nearly exclusively on TCI.

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