Thursday, September 23, 2010

SP 8 - Lon Strickler Responding to 'Lake Monsters'

There are many cryptid mysteries on this planet but none offers more opportunity for legitimate profit than the 'lake monster.' Lakeside businesses and government operated parks can see the dollar signs flash before their eyes when someone...anyone, makes a claim to witnessing an unknown lake monster. In some cases, one of the businesses perpetrates the fervor.

A team of monster hunters set sail on Lake Windermere in a fresh search for ‘Bownessie’, England's newest lake monster. Lakeland hotelier Thomas ‘The Gladiator’ Noblett and celebrity psychic Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard embarked on their second journey into the depths of lake Windermere in search of the monster. The two men led a team of investigators to the lake to look for evidence last year but returned empty handed.

“Since last year, a lot of local people have told me they have felt something in the lake but have been too scared to say anything,” said Mr. Noblett, owner of the Langdale Chase Hotel. “There is obviously something large in there. You just have to look at the depth, width and length of it to know that.” Mr. Noblett was prompted to prove the existence of the creature when he was (conveniently) hit by a three-foot wave while swimming on Lake Windermere last year.

I have been watching this story develop for about 3 years. Frankly, I am of the opinion that this 'cryptid' is a tourist grab for the Langdale Chase Hotel. Why? Well, in 2008 I was asked by a LakesTV representative to publish the screen captures from the original video on my blog. The video was located on the LakesTV website at the time. I asked if I could use the video and was denied access. The representative informed me that they wanted to 'market the video and it would be copyrighted'. I declined to publish the screen captures and decided to wait until something else popped up on this 'creature'. Then in July 2009, the owner of the hotel, Thomas Noblett, conveniently experienced a rogue wave while swimming in the lake.

I rarely pass judgment on a sighting or encounter, but this particular saga doesn't pass the smell test. It could very well be a large eel or fish...but using the 'Nessie' moniker as part of a name is somewhat disingenuous.

This also seems to be the case for several other 'lake monsters' throughout the world...for example, Lake Champlain (Champ) in New England, Rabisha Lake in Northwestern Bulgaria, Raystown Lake (Raystown Ray) in Pennsylvania and, of course, Okanagan Lake (Ogopogo) in British Columbia.

In an attempt not to seem too cynical, I have no qualms about anybody searching for any strange and mysterious creature. But I do have a problem when any crypto-investigators are used by those only interested in profits.

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