Friday, September 3, 2010

SP7 - Response to 'Did God Create the Universe?' - Lon Strickler

Revelation: 'Man created God'. That simple statement answers the question 'did God create the universe?' In other words, no...God did not create the universe. God, Bhagwaan, El, Yahweh, Allah, etc...whatever moniker you wish to name a Supreme Being, it was a creation of mortal man. The conception and mere existence of a supreme deity cannot and will not be proven beyond the faith of it's believers.

Scientific methodology should be used to answer any empirical question in reference to the natural world, which includes the universe. The existence of God should only be within the domain of theology and has no basis in science, which is any systematic knowledge and practice that is capable of resulting in a correct prediction or reliable result. This does not define "God."

British ethologist Richard Dawkins explains "a universe with a God would be a completely different kind of universe from one without, and it would be a scientific difference." American astronomer Carl Sagan stated that "the Creator of the Universe was difficult to prove or disprove" and that "the only conceivable scientific discovery that could challenge it would be an infinitely old universe."

Even though the promoters and teachers of organized religion would deny it, they promulgate the image of God as a larger than life, human-like Titan of the heavens with the white hair, beard and a grand robe who exudes power, wisdom and love. It's the easiest manner to explain what God is to the young and uneducated. Anthropologist Stewart Guthrie contends that "people project human features onto non-human aspects of the world because it makes those aspects more familiar."...thus, making God believable.

Anyway, this is not a subject I make a habit of discussing since most every person has their own concept of what a Supreme Being is or, for that matter, what it isn't.

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