Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SP-6 - Phillips Responds To The Bigfoot Paradox

My oh my - the readers have been having a field day with this topic as have been the writers - bravo folks.

Ok, first Duensing asked for an anagram sentence for the words Bigfoot, Ufo's, Hauntings -- how about - "A Buffoon Ghosting Suit" ------> Could anything be more dead on to our subject matter this week? ------- But, I digress.

Responding in order of posting as briefly as I can on the subject of The Bigfoot Paradox - Seed Post Six.

First, Lon - great re-touching of a great post. Perhaps what I liked most was the `examples of stories' of the DEAD Bigfoot(s) that seem around at some level (I've read on your P&M site about the one killed in the St. Mount Helen's blast) but --- NEVER with the solid proof that one would hope beyond being `stories'. I'm of the kind that I'll need a little bit more. That said, at the end of June at Barf Stew - I explained my view that `even proof' of a Bigfoot - without a body - wouldn't be `enough' - http://barfstew.blogspot.com/2010/06/why-bigfoot-proof-will-not-be-enough.html at least for me.

But, let me assume for a minute that indeed one of these `temporal characters' was shot and killed and `brought back' as a real space with on-going existence. Since, I am of the thought that such a thing would be like bagging a doppelganger - which I view as impossible - would mean that IF it happened - that somewhere, somewhen a `real' bigfoot was `caught' --- it - to me - would give credence to a creature with an on-going population base in some manner.

Lastly, let me say that I'm honored to have a role in your review of this issue in your posting - and to me - the real issue you raise is WHAT IF THE STORIES ARE TRUE? (I'm reminded of the de Loy's Ape picture I saw on one of your sites.)
Next, Mr. Duensing's observations - ---- beautifully written Bruce - eloquent as always - I guess the main points I'd like to reflect upon in a different manner would be my `hardness' on thinking we are in some big transformation mindwise at this stage of humanity. Perhaps I'm being bullheaded. Ultimately, I feel that `the event spaces' occupied by `the anomalous' has a bit more independence than you normally position in your writings on a given day.
Eric - you are incredibly concise in your writing and projecting of ideas -- wow - extremely impressive review of the state of the matter (as brought out by Lon and Bruce also). That said, one idea I did want to respond to:
As well, there are Psycho-social hypotheses (PSH), held by debunkers about both UFOs and Bigfoot
This is somewhat what I was trying to articulate above - while the argument is good - it seems to me that it also doesn't fit 100%.
Regan - what can I say - it's posts like yours - well, everyone's really - that will make The C Influence experiment - real. We all bring similar points of view yet with refreshing differences and emphasis on certain attributes. We at
 TCI are indeed Forteans.

I too followed the last days of The Blogsquatcher and was incredibly impressed with the body of evidence and line of thought the blogger displayed about the UFO/Bigfoot connection. And perhaps I should withhold this judgement - but, to me - Lisa Shiel's concept (as I understand it - that a Bigfoot followed her move to a new location and that she confirms such with the sticks in the woods) I am vastly less impressed with. (Hey I can be a jerk.)

And, what a story about Stan Johnson - especially the bookstore event. Great read of that whole experience - thanks for sharing that with TCI readers. Wonderful again.
Bruceleeeowe --- thanks indeed for your contribution and viewpoints. I knew that you would bring a viewpoint worth considering. And, I certainly find your taking the `other' (bigfoot is a physical entity) viewpoint and supporting it in a science manner refreshing.

Indeed, what other blog has folks saying the psychological viewpoint on one hand; and, has the young advocate that tells us that theory says it is possible for these `anomalous events'. Including space travel and including isolated real Bigfoots. And, while I might not share some of your viewpoints and wish you could come back in and clean up your script a bit (you know, paragraphs and such, as all submitted material will appear as is) - the balance I sought by having you be a writer on TCI is well shown by your effort.

I'd only caution that at your young age - 19 - that it's quite likely that your beckoning of the anomalous via your blog and here at TCI - may `cause' one of these Fortean events your fellow writers have been experiencing and trying to figure out. I will welcome your interpretation when that occurs.

Great, in-depth, writing folks -- I'm very impressed. Thanks for your efforts.

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