Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bruceleeeowe Actualizes Discussion On Regan's Post

Recently, Regan Lee has started a interesting discussion about souls and ghosts. I won't delve much into these complicated subjects right now yet would like to present some thoughts. When we talk about origin of life in the universe, we generally assume that life is nothing but just some sort of complexity which comes from random molecular reactions governed by electromagnetic forces. Though data supports it, in some manner, but that doesn't mean it's entirely correct and absolute truth. Darwinism is most acceptable theory, no doubt but that doesn't mean we need not to search for another more acceptable theory. Accepting anything based on data and logic is science and believing in anything without analyzing it, is religion. The popular consensus is that if there is intriguing complexity, it is probably life. Is it correct? Just take a solvent(mostly with high dipole moment) and complex solute, pass it through electric arcs for a long time and what you get, would be a bunch of living molecules. Where is extreme complexity, there is life. (just visit WeirdSciences and choose the categories evolution, origin of life and extraterrestrial life and you will find a lot of speculations considering almost every logical and scientific perspective. I won't want to put them again. Hey, it's not advertisement..!)

Even a dead is as complex as living organism, yet dead is dead not alive. This is where I find our assumptions(life originated only from complexity) to be wrong. Soul could be some sort of condensed photons as recent researches show. See my article 'Quantum Theory of Photonic Matter'(based on experiments done at a university). It seems fairly reasonable to assume that life is just not a nice combination of chemical compound assembled randomly. Our organic materialistic body needs a power source which comes from soul something like a operating system which governes our body reactions, energy and security. I seldom come across folks who love to refer soul as some post of plasma based life form. Well, it's not possible. IMHO, blending soul and organic body(chemical complexity) makes anything alive. Tom has come up with excellent thoughts and I'm agree with him. Indian metaphysics has some excellent answers to such type of questions. I'll try to cover them up in my next post. And finally a correction for Tom OM SHANTIH SHANTIH.. (I apologise for my grammatical mistakes if there are any)


  1. Very interesting post. However believing anything without analysis is fundametalism. Religion is whatever is a persons highest value. Hence the religion of money and sports so pervasive in the west. The response to your question from the perspective of a practicing yogi who's highest value is the divine, is that consciousness exists outside the space time continuium therefore it is unquantifiable by science however this consciousness that exists in you as you read this is the same one that exists in me, therefore as Ramana Maharishi has pointed out "there is no self and other."Om Shanti Shanti OM"

  2. Just as an aside Shanti can be spelt either Shanti or Shantih in Sanskrit.The mantra "Om Shanti Shanti Om" is a common mantra used during actualization of Samadhi. Peace Love and Serenity to all my brothers and sisters.

  3. Hi Tom,
    It's nice to see your response. BTW, I've learnt some sanskrit through the internet by interest(as there are many theories about ancient advanced civilization). As long as I know SAMADHI is higher state of Yoga. You can't get it by practising just for one or two years. It need a lot of hard Yogic practise and meditation for a very long time(even more practise for kundalini). I recommend you to visit Himalaya, the only place where you could get it.


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