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TCI - AED - Phillips - Ideas Of What The `Death State' May Be For Humans

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August 7, 2010

Ideas Of What The `Death State’ May Be For Humans

This week, over at the new blog called The C Influence, we’ve been discussing `ghosts’ - which motivated me to think a little bit harder and dig into the data a little bit deeper about the `Death State’ of humans - or, more specifically - human consciousness. Because, as The Heavy Stuff readers would be aware of - much is `believed’ about what happens after the death of `our body’; - but, what does the limited data say and what theories may be drawn from the data to project a possible understanding.

Some of the `data’ available for consumption to make theories occurs from what is now referred to as a near death experience (NDE) - indeed, many books exist with a whole variety of `situations’ encountered within the `opening minutes’ of the death state. And, one NDE begins literally within the same phenomenology as one resides in while alive; for example - the `NDExperiencer’ who `floats’ out of their body (space) with full perception while immediately in that space or room. This would cover those NDE’s where the individual is looking down in the emergency room and can see and hear the doctors working to save them - or - look around the room. Often these `spaces with perception’ will float up to the ceiling - or beyond - thru the `house’/`hospital’ and out into the sky.

These `dead spaces with perception’ - don’t experience themselves as ghosts or as themselves - but generally they know that they are in their soul (so to speak). But, before we get into other `dead spaces perceptions’ - it is important to stress that the majority of those who die for a few moments to minutes - experience NOTHING AT ALL - —– as if they haven’t reached even the separation state. And, if you think of this logically - if `attaining different spaces’ is what occurs to the human consciousness at death - one could assume that the immediate state (IN THE BODY BEFORE SEPARATION) would indeed be the majority of cases. IMO.

So, lets set up a timeframe in essence - initially, most `dead spaces without perception’ are in the original body the person has `occupied’ during life; which then proceeds to the `dead space with perception at separation from the original body’ - and - this `new space’ is still within our phenomenology in every regard. And, that the experience of that `perceiving aware space’ has eventually no density and can pass thru walls etc.

The next less connected `death state’ as reported by those having NDE’s would be that the `dead perceiving space’ finds itself in a `tunnel’ which often is also the means of return to life (remember all this data is that of NDE’s) - (it could even be suggested that the `review of life’ reported happens in this phase of space) - nonetheless, it seems this immediate process involves the specific humans life - in a tremendous decompression of time as to being `almost instantaneous’.

However, with my views about phenomenology - it is phenomenology itself - to me - IMO - that is `changing’ at this point for the `dead perceiving space’. The `life review’ nearly tearing the body apart for it’s next adventure - showing that `reliving’ the past seemed `real’ in some regard (often thought of as a judgement on the life). But, I’d argue that the `new perceptions’ and the phenomenology it suggests is available to those who die - `charges’ the `new dead perceiving space’ - with a new phenomenology THAT VERY FEW RETURN FROM with first person views.

However, even at these outer reportable limits of human consciousness, sometimes can trigger what seems to be a `new now with the dead’ (often relatives) - who tell you that your time isn’t up or that you are not to stay in that phenomenology; yet. It is at that point that one’s own intentionality’s seem to be able to mount one last effort to return to the other phenomenology - and the `space’ one occupies there.

And, all of the above is fine and dandy.

But, it doesn’t provide `data’ about that new phenomenology that seems evident to some who die and return. Nor is the topic of this discussion the after effects of NDE to individuals who experience a different based phenomenology (that involves something other than local reality). (Becoming a psychic for example.)

And, as THS readers know, I’ve covered one person before who sought such information about (the phenomenology of)  `living conditions’ in the afterlife of human consciousness - a seance man named Leslie Flint - and his `data’ (findings of things the dead say) and the `data’ that comes from more modern methods of speaking to the dead such as `Frank’s Box’ - provide yet another possible indication of the `near’ death state is possibly like. I covered both Leslie Flint and Frank’s Box this week on my other blog called `Barf Stew’. - and, it is from my posts there that I’d like to quote from for the continuation of my examination of the `death state’ issue.

I’d first like to look at `esoteric wisdom’ of an old chinese man that came thru to Mr. Flint:

Facts of our life, which in some ways are very much like the earth, we refer to a condition of life enjoyed chiefly by people who have only recently left your world, and therefore, people of a mentality as such that they have not shed themselves of the material and in consequence have not made much progress and they have found an environment which they themselves have become mentally tuned into, adjusted to by their earthly thoughts.

And, compare that to the words of Aliester Crowley (part of the discussion at The C Influence  ) provided by a reader of the blog:

Now this Soul, as an Officer in the High Mass of the Cosmos, taketh on the Vesture of his Office, that is, inhabiteth a Tabernacle of Illusion, a Body and Mind. And this Tabernacle is subject to the Law of Change, for it is complex, and diffuse, reacting to every Stimulus or Impression. If then the Mind be constantly attached to the Body, Death hath not Power to decompose it wholly, but a decaying Shell of the Dead Man, his Mind holding together for a little his Body of Light, haunteth the Earth, seeking (in its Error, that feareth Change) a new Tabernacle in some other Body

Both of these esoteric ideas, to me, say nearly the same thing - IF one goes `over’ to the other side of the dead - the phenomenology becomes similar to Earth but unique to the individual - until eventually an `asendence’ from that phenomenology area happens too - a second death if you will. This is all based on climbing some sort of phenomenology based on your space and knowledge/wisdom.

This is from the same Leslie Tape of the man from China in ancient times:

But when you ask those who have been here for sometime (as you understand time) who have made spiritual progress, they live in an environment so far remote from anything you can imagine. For them it would be increasingly difficult for them to manifest and describe the condition under which they exist.

And, this makes sense - after all - supposedly only about 6% of all people ever born live today - multiply that by the number of `aware consciousnesses that die in the universe’ - and you’d have a pretty crowded place if it wasn’t for `individual space perceptions based on a different phenomenology structure involving knowledge/wisdom’. This is not to suggest that other individuals may not be in similar `spaces’ involved with the same wisdom - which may allow interaction.

So, the `perceiving human spirit of one' may be released in a new non-local location - but, even that `time is limited’.

After that one can only surmise that ones knowledge is one and the same as what knowledge represents - and a merging occurs - or - is reborn as a different space.

Again, from the Flint tape:

For a man who is wise (as you understand it) as soon as he passes through the gates called death, he realises that , that which was wisdom in the past, as you progress becomes ignorance in consequence of the wisdom gained. Wisdom is something which is a state of being which may apply and does apply till such time as you have made progress to another state.

Now, I like to apply my so-called Phillips Phenomenology to the above too - To me, in the PP - our `space' as alive humans is NOT -ABLE - TO - BE (because we are a part of the not able to not be — the real) - at death - `switches’ to BEING - ABLE TO NOT BE. And, for a while, for the `ghosts’ that can mean being part of our phenomenology which includes both.

But, I think most - if not nearly all - human consciousnesses - go to - the new phenomenology space structure which includes `percieving human dead spaces’ being IN the able to not be. To me, dead doppelgangers `appearing’ to living humans is the ultimate example of such.

But, nearly all humans don’t have ONE I - and are most probably - many I’s (all with their attachments - even if in conflict with other of the I’s) - so, the `time after death - when, life there is `human like’,  is what most of us are most interested in - not the ultimate objective of being a being. *This is the time the multi-I is becoming one I.) And, Frank’s Box gives some great examples of that :

When your dead your not really dead
It is all just a big scheme to get people to think they are alive still
The worse thing is when dead people think they know everything
You really don’t meet that many interesting dead people
I miss masturbation
Things just don’t taste the same when your dead
If Johnny Depp was here this would be hell!

Additionally, some of this type of information is seemingly confirmed via the Leslie Flint Tapes - things such as `you eat’ only in the early days of being dead - that indeed, `preachers’ telling you that there is `more to the world than this death state’ - are present and preaching to you. And, other details like - bricklayers would befriend other bricklayers and that for awhile they would lay bricks or build homes - but that eventually they did less and less with each person.

Other details included statements that the `body’ one had in death also eventually diminishes or becomes less important - and that a full body of others was also not a requirement. And, the phenomenology itself was more scattered and less sequential - and got more and more like that as `time’ went on in death.

Perhaps what I like best about all of this is how much sense it makes - which is scary too. As it seems obvious that when dead we would have to give up all our Earthy body attachments to advance - it’s almost like that movie where only some of the people saw color. Everyone would be able to see each others `level' on the other side - knowing they would be mixed with those of a similar state of being based on the remaining attachments -  and humanlike interests.

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  1. Hi Rick,

    I was just reading Henry Bayman's book, The Station of No Station: Open Secrets of the Sufis, and, syncronistically perhaps, I came across this little excerpt which I thought you might find interesting, as it seems to have relevance to the general discussion, and seems to add further confirmation to what's been said already.

    "According to Ibn Arabi, the after-death state, whatever else it might be, is the embodiment of accumulated works and thoughts. Commenting on his philosophy, William Chittick writes: 'Not only do people construct their own paradises, they also construct their own hells.' As Arabi himself notes: 'The chastisement is identical with the actualization of thought.'

    There is a delightful Sufi story that graphically brings this alive.

    One day, Yunus was allowed to visit Hell in the Imaginal World. He found himself in a vast expanse, a veritable desert. Because he was accustomed to hearing about Hell as a fire and a furnace, Yunus was perplexed. How could this place be Hell?

    A short while later, a man came by with a great load of wood on his back. He set his load down, arranged it in a pile, set it afire --- and stepped into its center.

    'What are you doing?' asked Yunus

    'These are my deeds I brought over from the world', the man replied. 'Now I must suffer for them.'

    'But I thought Hell was a huge blazing fire, all ready to consume its inmates.'

    'No', said the man. 'It is only what we bring over, or send over beforehand, that determines what this place will be for us.'"



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