Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TCI - AED - Phillips Responds To Lee's - Reflections And Tricks

First, like Bruce I want to thank all readers and writers who are responding in these first days of The C Influence. Indeed, the `seed post' of this week by Regan Lee was posted today in The Anomalist. And, that is the purpose of my essay today.

I will first respond to the questions I said on Sunday were suggested by Lee's post (just my gut feel on each) - then, later this week,  I will respond to points raised by other authors already and by comments from our readers.
1) Are paranormal events coming `from' the otherside or are projections made by ourselves? --------- You know, I used to worry-think more about this than I do now - as I think the events `into our reality' come from a non-local area (that may be responding to our intentionality's).
2)Investigated in location with ectoplasm and psychokinesis - ------ I have seen psychokinesis once for sure and had the manisfistion of my grandfathers footsteps in the attic after his sudden death - I would be interested in hearing other authors psychokinesis events too --- I would love to hear Regan tell about ectoplasm - details please?
3)Regan's family history of ghosts ---------- Personally, I think it runs thru humanity and nearly all families to some degree.
4)Electric feeling on stairs -- No comment.
5)the Trickster ----------- To me, it is what I call `beckoning the unknown'. And, since it is wrapped up in intentionality's, the net effect is being a Trickster to events.
6)"I suspect “they” on the other side are more aware of us than we are of them and are better at manipulating energies." -------------- I slightly agree with part one - I slightly disagree with part two.
7)"what we call ghosts, or spirits, exist. It's more complex than just dead people showing themselves occasionally as flimsy, vague shapes" ----------------- Agree, with caveots.

Do other authors have viewpoints on these 7 issues? Do you see other issues in Lee's piece?


  1. I want to clear up one thing: the family history with ghosts and other paranormal activity isn't in my family, it's in the "Smith" family let's call them -- my friend's house/family.

    When I was inside the room at the top of those stairs, I felt more and more "muffled"-- aware of everything around me, but was almost "consumed" I guess, by a presence. I began to watch as a white, semi-opaque cloud of mist, or smoke, began to develop. (I'm aware I have strong mediumnistic abilities but have never focused on them, though have been working in that area lately.) Several ghost hunter types have told me this was ectoplasm, but whatever it was, it was clear a spirit or ghost was present and manifesting.

  2. Hi Regan,
    you are lucky to have encounter of fifth kind(?). I've never encountered them and they always appal me(since my martial arts won't work upon them). Have you ever seen photo of ghosts? Like some people proclaim to capture them, I can't understand how? As long as I've heard they can't be captured by camera. They are fake. Yet it doesn't mean spirits do not exist. My grandpa also claim to have encounter with them and it was 'close' one.


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