Tuesday, August 31, 2010

TCI-SP5- Responce to Lon's Post by Bruceleeeowe

Recently Mr. Lon has published a very fascinating post about bigfoots. There are various reports of encounter of Bigfoot or so called Sasquatch. Skeptics simply rebut these encounters without going into an extensive research programme. What explanation we can expect from skeptics more likely, is that these are mere 'mass hallucination' which comes from anecdotal stories. Granted, they are correct, what about dinosaurs? Why hasn't then anyone imagined dinosaurs( velociraptor or troodons) ever before eighteenth century? The answer is so simple since they hadn't seen it ever. Perhaps, this is why there are no anecdotal stories about velociraptor attacking on human colonies. My intention is pretty clear here. If something hasn't been seen,then it can't be invented. It is impossible to conjure up something out of thin air if basic elements are missing. Therefore, mythologies, tales etc, which mainstream science today discredit as mere fanta intentions our stone age ancestors' imagination-can't possibly all be unfounded inventions or mere figments of someone's imagination. Quite on contrary! Something had to there in the first place to act as catalyst, the basic elements that sparked the story. Something happened to our stone agers that compelled them to tie it into a legend. The bigfoot encounters are common not only in USA but also in Himalayan peaks. There are various encounters of bigfoot, reported by those who were sent there as a part of Everest expeditions. I'm not going to write their story as Mr. Lon did. In his post Lon says that he refutes the case of bigfoot being something like that of coelacanth, manipulating the explanation to so called interdimensional being. I ask him to answer the question of why. He argued that with current technology we can sweep our eyes to every corner of woods. I'm politely disagree with him on that. In next paragraph he argues that we have FLRI cameras which can detect anything which is warmer than its environment. Agreed, we have such miracles of science. The infrared cameras are simply based on a principle and that is so called Stephen's radiation law. To detect something from infrared cameras there must have been some radiations coming from relatively warmer bodies. What if these are living in some deep naturally formed tunnels or something like underground IGLOU. Probably no radiation will come out of such tunnels and reading from cameras in simple word would be ' nothing detected'. I ask him how many times have we sent our explorers lassed with such detection equipments. Who is here who has collaborated with google to search for Sasquatch? The answer is 'none'. I've much explained the case in my lake monster post, which is still in draft. Granted, they are extraterrestrials explorers. Now big question is that what kind of propulsion methodology are they using? Okay, if they have implemented the technologies about which we talk only in theories like wormholes, casimir effect, black hole propulsion etc, it would simply acquire high energy densities(more than 10^27 joules/m3) which would be easily detectable and leave macroscopic traces which would be easily identifiable. So if they are real extraterrestrials or interdimensional being, where are the traces? That's why I always refute this theory with extreme politeness. There are many reports from everest expeditors which let's know that bigfoot is creature with intelligence slightly higher than chimpanzee. I'll try to make a full post to end of this weekend or so. Thanks.

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