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TCI - SP3 - Lee Actualizes Discussion on Harmonics

Bruce has said it all, and as usual very beautifully. Robin’s comments add to the wonderful ideas brought forth. I can’t really add anything, except to say a little bit in general, including my own experiences.

Bruce’s eloquent thoughts on harmonics and the symbiotic dance/play/relationship between us and anomalous events reminds us of the obvious, cliché yet taken for granted fact that our particular culture continues to separate mind/heart/consciousness, rejecting the idea of an “other” even existing at all. As Bruce and Robin, in her/his comments, have pointed out, our emotions, our “pre-existing emotional tenor” (Robin) is part of our perceptions of mystical, paranormal, etc. events. Many cultures recognize this and induce these states through sounds, and movement (chanting, music, dance) as has been pointed out by Robin and Bruce. Energies are both physical and emotional. I had this experience with a healer who used sound; singing bowls and her own unique, weird “singing” almost a kind of yowling... that literally shifted things in my body. Paranormal experiences contain these responses to “unseen” energies we call ghosts, spirits, psychic insights -- and in cases of UFOs, at times, aliens? -- the physical, strong electrical feelings felt in my body when in the presence of these kinds of phenomena.

(And as to the heart: even my husband’s cardiologist, a mainstream Western doctor (but who does seem open a bit to alternative ideas) mentioned to us the self-repairing/creating abilities of the heart, and the power of intent and positive energy focused on the heart.)

Energy, seen, unseen. Physical, always, regardless. Shifted, moved, manipulated by sound, movement. And, others? Are the Djinn, aliens, spirits, aware of this as well -- more so? -- and move the energy waves around us, as well as within us, to create what they want to create, for either our benefit, their benefit, or some combination of both?

I think it depends on the quality and type of anomalous thing present.

We’ve been talking about paranormal, UFO, esoteric phenomena and how this all relates ... I see a reminder here that this idea of harmonics, of shifting, moving, connecting with energy is applicable to everyday life, waking life, as well.

One more example of shifting energies, which is somewhat related to this idea of harmonics and energy but it's a bit off topic. I know it sounds very off the wall but here it is, this happened a couple of years ago: I had been working very strongly with intent, a lot of work on focusing, energy --- and had the following experience, which sounds both downright silly, as well as trivial. But even in this trivial, mundane every day setting, the powerful illustration of energy-shifting was evident.

I was in line at the bank. Woman ahead of me was just... bothering me, for some reason. I couldn't even see her face, so why was she bothering me? She wasn't doing anything, just standing there. But I was getting the strongest, most uncomfortable -- and electrical -- feeling from her, "vibes," in short, that were physically affecting me. I decided I wanted her to move. Move away, move ahead. I focused/thought very intently and suddenly, I heard a lot snap/pop in my head that was accompanied by a flash of bright white light, and she, at the same time, not only moved, but kind of lunged ahead, as if someone had pushed her. She kind of looked around a little, like she had tripped, or couldn't figure out what happened. That was the only time I have ever experienced anything like that.


  1. Hi Regan,

    I enjoyed your post, and yes, Bruce does say it all very beautifully, does he not? And by the way, I'm a guy (fortunately or unfortunately, whatever your opinion is on that one). Anyway, I have a few (possibly irrelevant) comments I'd like to add here in relation to what you were saying. (And also what Eric was saying.)

    Sound, yes, sound. And I imagine this fits with Bruce's "Cetacean Model of a Sound Based Sentience" somehow. But sound, what "is" sound? Sound "is" vibration, and vibration "is" energy. Everything in the Universe is vibrating, from the grossest, densest physical matter, on up to the most fine, delicate and subtle realms of existence. And of course, when we're talking about sound and vibration, we're also speaking about "harmonics" and "resonance." I see resonance and harmonics all over this picture, but I'm not exactly sure what to say about it yet. For now, I'll leave that in Bruce's (and the other contributor's) much more capable hands.

    But on the theme of "resonance" , I was reading something earlier that reminded me of what Eric just said in his most recent post, about the fact that "to have psi effects everyone has to be mentally and emotionally on the same page", and, "For group analytics to work, all the participants must 'resonate' together..." Yes, it seems there must be resonance for any type of group work, that is, if it is going to be successful in its aims. Here is what the Sufis have to say on the subject:

    "In summary, the theory holds that there is a certain element in the human being that strives toward perfection...When it comes into contact with a correct source of conduction - a teacher -it feeds itself for a time on this knowledge. This is the phase of attachment to the teacher. If the teacher accepts the pupil, he will first of all teach interchange concentration exercises. In these the mutual bond is strengthened. The next step is for the teacher to induce the students to interchange with one another, which they do by meeting regularly and all taking an interest in some common theme. They may think they are learning something from that theme. In fact, they are becoming attuned to one another."

    Mir S Khan - The King's Son pgs. 152-153

    So it appears the Sufis are well aware of the resonance factor, as well. (Why does that not surprise me?)

    But back to energy, when you (Regan) say and ask, "Energy, seen, unseen. Physical, always, regardless. Shifted, moved, manipulated by sound, movement. And others? Are the Djinn, aliens, spirits, aware of this as well - more so? - and move the energy waves around us, as well as within us, to create what they want to create, for either our benefit, their benefit, or some combination of both." I think the answer to the questions you pose here is a big fat possible yes. Maybe even probable.

    It fits with all the "evidence" and everything we know, or think we know, about these inter-dimensional type critters. They do seem to be "master magicians", able to manipulate "reality" in any way they choose. But I'm sure they must have limits on their abilities somewhere. And when you say, "shifted, moved, manipulated by sound", I can't help but think of that theory (which I do not believe, but neither do I deny it. Who knows? There could be some truth to it, somewhere.) about the ancient Egyptians, and other megalithic cultures, using sound to levitate all those massive stone blocks into place.

    So yes, I think that it would be is wise to keep sound in the picture. Photons, sound, vibration, harmonics, resonance. I think you're all on the right track here, guys. Keep up the good work.

    And yes, I agree, "that this idea of harmonics, of shifting, moving, connecting with energy is applicable to everyday life, waking life, as well."

    (And speaking of "Waking Life".....great movie.)

  2. I just wanted add something here about what you were saying in the last paragraph. I, too, have experienced a "loud pop/snap sound in my head, accompanied by a bright flash of light." It's happened maybe half a dozen or so times throughout my life, usually when I'm laying in bed trying to go to sleep. The first time it happened, I thought, "What the hell? Am I having a stroke or something?"

    But as far as making the lady in front of you move, I've never experienced anything like that. But I have a real close friend who has some energy "problems" something like that. She has all sorts of trouble with electronics of all kinds. And I've been around her at times when electronics would start going all hay-wire in her vicinity. But she told that one time she was in her car and she reached up to get a pen that was laying about center-ways on the dashboard, and when her hand got about 6 to 8 inches from the pen, it shot off like a rocket and hit the passenger-side window and fell into the floorboard. She claims stuff like that happens all the time.

    And it may run in the family, because one of her brothers (also a close friend) can't wear watches of any kind. After two or three days they stop working.

    Anyway, if anybody knows, or has any ideas on what that loud pop/snap sound accompanied by the bright flash of light might be, I'd sure like to hear about it.

  3. Robin, I've had the same experience you've described (light flashes, popping sounds) many times. Had one the other night in fact. I think two things are responsible for that: one, migraines, which on occassion I've had, but really, it's not often I get the light flashing thing with them, and I don't get the loud popping sound if it's a migraine. Two, astral projection; the light flashes and sounds happen in bed, when I'm going to sleep, and sometimes I get a jerky feeling too, like I'm leaving my body. So I think it's OOBE related. I even read in a "Dr. Donahue" column about this once; someone wrote in asking about this phenomena, and the Dr. said these are called "head explosins" (or maybe he said "brain explosions," don't recall) and it didn't mean anything. I had to laugh at that; "doesn't mean anything," well clearly it does... (If you don't know Dr. Donahue it's very mainstream, very conservative column.)

    No pain is involved, at all, simply a little startling, but I'm used to it.

    My experience in line with the woman in front of me; that was a bit different, but then again, I've never had that happen before, so who can say. If the "brain explosions" are related to out of body experiences, maybe it is the same, or, related.

  4. Well, the cat woke me up, and then I had to go to the bathroom, and now I'm wide awake and can't go back to sleep. So I thought I'd go ahead and post this little comment.

    First, Regan, thanks for commenting back on that.

    "Brain explosions" , eh? I can dig it. Any time in the past when I've tried to explain this to someone, these are the exact words I've used every time: "It's like a loud snap or pop sound, but at the same time, it's also like an explosion." And it is like an explosion. I guess the bright flash of light that accompanies it probably contributes to that effect. (Well, obviously.)

    But yes, as you say, "No pain is involved, at all, simply a little startling..." And yes, it's still a little startling when it happens to me, too (for obvious reasons.) But like I said, that first time it happened, I did trip out a little, at first. But after it happened, and everything else (body,mind) seeming to still be OK, I definitely relaxed and said to myself: "Well, I don't know what the hell that was, but everything still seems to be pretty much in good working order. No harm appears to have been done..... But still, what the #*@& was that?"

    And now that you mention it, I do recall reading something, somewhere, about the "pop/snap" sound being connected with Astral Projection and OOBE's. But speaking from my own experience, I've had one spontaneous OOBE in my life, not "near-death" (although they're pretty much the same thing, except you're not dying), as I was comfortably relaxed in bed at the time, reading a book. I won't go into the details, but no popping or snapping or sound of any other kind occured. I only remember sweet silence and perfect awareness.

    As far as Astral Projection goes, (which is again pretty much the same experience, except that it's planned and controlled from the beginning), my feeble attempts at it in the past have not been very successful, so I have nothing from my own experience to report here.

    But one more thing, about this "Dr. Donahue." Calling it a "brain explosion" or a "head explosion" doesn't explain anything. And saying that "it doesn't mean anything" is yes, as you say, very laughable. Of course it means something, they just don't know what the hell it is. Attach a label to something and they think, or they want us to think, they understand it. Ah, but I won't go off on that tirade. (What's the point?)

    Well, I have nothing more to add at the moment. And again, thanks for commenting back on that. I'll have to ask my friend if she's ever had the loud pop/snap sound or the flash of light with any of her energy related experiences, like the pencil shooting off. Very interesting.


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