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The C Influence - Week One Highlights - And Other Perceptions Of Phillips

24 hours from now, The C Influence, will be a week old - as moderator of week one I'd like to provide my perceptions of TCI so far to the `authors' and to the limited early readers finding their way to TCI.

First, this will be the 11th post on the 7th day of the site - some folks would probably be jumping thru hoops - and, while not jumping thru hoops - it is a solid beginning and I would expect that it will not be hugely different than that in the near term. Not only that - the Phillips-Duensing focus at the very very beginning was appropriately moderated by posts by the majority of authorized authors of TCI - leaving only Lesley (who posted links to TCI) J.S. Flower and Jeff - not heard from `yet' - in this first week. 6 out of 9 is not only not bad - I'm pretty happy with that ratio. Indeed, if 6 out of 9 of us respond each week (still will be adding a few I'm sure) this blog will be a success.

I will talk about the posts themselves in a minute or two.

Next, you noticed the e-mail yesterday that brought your attention to the addition of site-meter to track the visitors to the site. And, after the addition - 24 `visitors' in about 16 hours -- even more importantly - at this link - you will see that at least 3 of our sites have links providing visitors (Yeah to Lesley, Rick, Bruceleeeowe users.) -- backlinks in the first week rocks.

In addition - you can see that I added a sidebar video that can also be found on B.D.'s sidebar - to me it not only is a winner - but is representative of what I would hope the thought level of this website could strive to attain. How logic will dissolve logic and certainty - to the idea we must embrace - uncertainty. How math will not `solve' the universe. ----------- So, I want all `authors' to consider similar YouTube videos - select videos - that we can bring to an intelligent audience interested in the biggest of ideas.

You will also note that the sidebar also now has our main websites/blogs - if you wish to change it - let me or Bruce know. More changes will be coming to the sidebar too - feedback will be appreciated.

Ok, the highlights (IMO) of week one:

GREAT `seed post' full of suggested theories based on real investigation of the paranormal - at least TWO - GREAT DIRECT responses to the `seed post' - at least ONE other GREAT post worthy of new `seed post' (R.Lee) for this week - and, mentions of new probe worthy ideas by Bruceleeeowe and Colucci - Visitors coming from multiple backlinks, and our first `follower'.

And, that is NOT a bad week folks. Congratulations.

Now, improvements - suggestions.

Since the positioning of this website is `discussion of a seed post' - it is very very important to keep that in mind when making a post -- a discussion post would include direct references, in some manner, to the seed post - even direct quotes from (as you saw me do this week with some of my posts) the seed post or comments made about it. NOW, that is NOT to stifle thoughts - as perhaps immediately after quoting such a passage `your thoughts' go in a completely different reaction -- that's cool, that is your reaction to a suggested idea from the seed post.

Also, while there is NO minimum length and EVERY post this week IMO had at least a twinge of what the website is about - developing thoughts into more than statements - is what will generate real discussion. Also, `answering' to comments that seem directed to ideas one has brought forth should continue and increase.

Finally, seed posts. I want everyone to consider the very interesting post that Regan made here this week to be the new seed post - --- now, as I see it - Regan raises these various paranormal issues with possible esoteric (hidden knowledge) answers ----------------1) are paranormal events coming `from' the otherside or are projections made by ourselves? 2) Investigated in location with ectoplasm and psychokinesis 3) Regan's family history of ghosts 4) electric feeling on stairs 5) the Trickster 6)"Between these experiences of us: human, mortal, mundane, and the afterlife, or extended consciousness, spirit, whatever terms we use, are veils that move quietly and softly between us. I suspect “they” on the other side are more aware of us than we are of them and are better at manipulating energies. Responding to our intents and expectations. Reflecting back to us what they want us to see, and what we think we want to see."7)"what we call ghosts, or spirits, exist. It's more complex than just dead people showing themselves occasionally as flimsy, vague shapes"

It's a full plate authors - take a serving for discussion.

Finally, about Lon's response to the week of initial discussions from this seed post he was so kind as to let TCI reprint - it was close to appropriate for the discussion it generated concerning the direct responses of two authors who were pretty theoretical in their response. Any response would have indeed needed a large timeframe devoted to a response - especially when responding to large and lengthy posts - especially when it is an on-going changing phenomena.

That said, to me, these were the best direct opinions, some possibly  with a smidgen of esoteric, responses, to our initial seed post and the issues and theories raised:

Concerning - Time Travel of Future Humans Into Now - Phillips, I think the key point I am making intellectually is this "We simply - CAN'T GO BACK - to realness." IMO.

Duensing, The essay that Lon wrote in "The Future Is Now" perhaps is a modern day narrative that may be confirmed in a surprising manner .....The concept is that knowledge in a non-literate culture, having descended from a literate state that had encountered a globally catastrophic "stop" of deconstruction that required the preservation of knowledge by verbal transmission.....If you take this conceptual basis for a body of myth as a "carrier" of knowledge whose preservation is paramount, these myths may be an intentional codex that are like the fragmented memories of a past by which we can travel backward in time. .......Could a global culture be wiped from the face of the Earth only to be traced by migration routes as a rebooting of a fragmented knowledge?

And, I responded to Bruces heavy words with this comment on a comment - here is how it `hit me' (meaning your words). ------ How about this - perhaps there is a `parallel knowledge' - that exists as a mechanism of possible actualization to the phenomenology we are all a member of. That `parallel knowledge' could appear to be humans from our future - but - really is - the possibility that our human consciousness is tapping into `other consciousnesses' that have had similar `stimulation' elsewhere and elsewhen.

So, a seed post that seemingly did generate esoteric discussion - theories about knowledge being a linchpin outside of the time-cone --- where else is that readily available?

Finally, enough is brought up in Regan's post to chew on and comment on - so please take the time to respond and feel free to comment on other discussions that stimulated your mind in some manner - that is the purpose here. Final ideas about seed one post are fine too.


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