Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SP7: Erich Responds to Hawking: Left Vs. Right Brain, No Quarter

Hello and thanks for having me on this marvelous blog. In response to the Hawking thing I'd also mention Morgan Freeman's Through the Worm Hole, a science fair type documentary, pretty well edited, on the Science Channel... I think.

Like the proclamations of Hawking,  Through the Wormhole show is both sad and mind-blowing, sad because it's like when I used to try and write songs with my left brain buddy, and I'm all right brained, and we couldn't get together. Science can't understand that SETI and space travel is bullshit and what they should have working for them is mystics, trance specialists, psychics, heads, and Rick Strassman, Carlos Castaneda. There are people on this planet who can travel to the farthest reaches of space and have contacted plant intelligences, and science with its left brain single mindedness can't grasp how this stuff lies so far beyond mathematics and factors and "listening for signals from the stars. " There are other ways we can find out where ET lives, he's so close we can't see him with these eyes leftover from yesterday's physicality, we have to open the crown chakra third eye to see him swimming around us.

Science is important, but so is right brained intuition, and as long as left brain science-- our controlling side  (the way shamanism/right brain used to be) is in charge, they're mutually exclusive, and we'll never be nowhere. I want to see Amazon shamen, esoteric philosophers, and DMT trippers working at top pharmaceutical corporations and taking over wings of NASA!

Instead there's so much work and effort to sketch out the elaborate science behind this stuff, which is like going all the way around the world to find you own backyard. The biggest crime of the Hawking science world is that they refuse to acknowledge alien witness/abduction testimony and all the other 'hard' evidence (such as implants recovered by that guy Lair, as I wrote about on my blog)...  They'll never find it as long as they're not ready to find it. If they do find something, it creates such a flurry, they bury it again. I don't blame them. Acknowledging the truth, publicly, about alien life here on this planet, or at least admitting something is going on beyond our comprehension, would be to 'let it in'. If we pretend it's not there, maybe it will go away. After all, "they" have been here as long or longer than us and no one has proclaimed their existence before now.

Science is scared of flying saucers, which represent technology far beyond their own. Scientists have fought hard to get grants and doctorates and positions and tenure, they've struggled to become masters of their domain--the realm of 'what we do know about the universe'--but they've fooled themselves into thinking it's 'all there is' to know (until they learn more, of course). They don't want to be reminded that not two feet outside their bedroom domain, there be monsters.

Why is the scientist then, so eager to make sure I know it's not the one thing I hope it (against my better judgment) to be? If we consider conventional science's hostility towards the UFO community--the borderline hysteria with which so many academics and sponsored researchers refuse to hear anything about "that nonsense"--we realize they're kind of scared of something. God is the same thing. Why are atheists always so vocal about being atheists. What is it that troubles them, that they even bother to deny the existence of something they can't possibly prove one way or the other?

For example, when people find out I don't drink, used to be in AA, etc, once in awhile someone will come up to me, someone who, I barely even know and say, out of the blue, "Hey man, you know, I don't have a problem with drinking!" and I'm like "I never said or thought you did, I don't even know who you are.... but obviously you do." Otherwise, why are you threatened? Why are you so easily provoked by something someone else is, in this case, not doing? Our goal as therapists healing the right-left brain divide, would be help the scientist discern his hysteric symptom, in this case the fear of even considering the truths of UFO existence--his refusal to visualize the hypothesis of it all being true--the venom and vehemence with which he denies and warns and freaks out over the issue, and help the patient gain courage to  face the root of repressed anxiety it obscures.

 Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan have both flown on ahead to imagine alien hypotheses suspiciously separate from the general body of modern UFO 'fringe' research and documented experience. They're terrified of looking over the shoulder at the truths reported by average witnesses, because it all fits so perfectly together that it's like solving a giant math problem where, when you reach the answer, the numbers congeal into a tentacle that sucks you into the blackboard. God and aliens are all part of the same interconnected wavelength in my opinion, they're adaptable to our perceptions and when we see God or aliens or machine elves, or trolls, or fairies, or angels and demons, we see 'something' that we then put our own delineating transparency over...
 Off Topic! Okay... my point is, science once had to fight for respectability against the hysterics of the right brain-dominated middle ages... now it's reversed, science needs to let in the weird, the mystic and the exalted. Otherwise they'll chrystalize like the stale dogma of a Christian Sunday school bible class.

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