Monday, October 4, 2010

J.S. Flower - Observations on Society - Most Abused Substance

Operating at the very edge of The C Influence - the rantings of J.S. Flower can be found on two sidebars of my blogs (normally started when I send him some internet link - this time he is responding to a link I had featured on one of my blogs that provided a 30 Trillion dollar `solution' to the economic mess this country is in IMO) and now on TCI. I've also included a link in a similar vein from Bruce Duensing.
J.S. Flower:

Yo R.,

The other day after opening your link about bailout $ and the absolute absurdity of the situation...

I am reading from a book that I got while out west entitled: Dragons in Paradise ON THE EDGE BETWEEN CIVILIZATION AND SANITY (loved the subtitle written and signed by a Gunnison valley local who lived in Crested Butte in the 60's onward...) Anyway, after reading your bit I open the book where I had stopped and the next chapter was entitled:

The Trouble with Money

"The purpose of this piece is to arouse awareness about the most addictive, most culturally destructive, and most abused substance known to humankind: money

Some conventional Christian capitalists might want to gently correct that, and suggest that "love of money," or maybe "lust for money," is what is destructive, but the same can be said for all other drugs this society wars against, and in all those instances, we are expected to believe that stomping the addictive substances out of existence will eliminate the "love of substance problem". I've always thought this dubious, given our desperate creativity in always being able to find something to mangle our minds.

But where money and its corruptive effects are concerned - far more pervasive and pernicious than all the opium and coca derivatives put together- we hardly even have a guerrilla war going on; as a society, we've surrendered completely to the predations of money. George Sibley

So these as you would say these ludicrous numbers of trillions are supposed to convince me that they are real 000000000 really?

MBTQ sounds like a powerful new genetically altered accounting system, bring on the quadrillions

Here's that link of Bruce's - - called Loss and Gain In America.
Expect a new Seed Post soon!

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