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SP-10 - Phillips Comments On The Neccessity of Plagues

There are a number of ideas that Erich brings forth that seldom make it into common thoughts - serious thoughts - about the whole Alien Issue. Indeed, what I like most is his leap into the assumption that they seeded man and that they have been monitoring their creation (us) and our planet for eons - and eons.

Indeed, not only is it not an outlandish assumption - it is possibly the probable scenario. And, if true, the `attitude' that Erich ascribes to the aliens is probably dead on; we are a herd to be culled when out of control - OR - controlled (much like what the NUKE UFO news conference of Sept. 27th) to prevent our folly with our planet, the living Earth.

Additionally, I really appreciate Erich's dead on evaluation of the media control of the overpopulation issue - one that I have been featuring at least a bit on my own Politics blog. Indeed, one is looked at like a devil for even bringing it up - politicians in this country will NEVER bring it up as how could they guarantee a ROI (return on investment) to entrepreneurs.

I also welcome Erich bringing the political tone he does and his biting assessments of the antelopes and how the nature of unintended consequences doesn't seem to sink in to many of the goody two shoes. And, I loved this line:

"But again, they are not as intolerant: their compassion is much more advanced than the average Hallmark cutesy superficiality. They don't stomp on one creature because its slimy and then prize and love another because its adorable"

As indeed, a PLANET guardian would have far bigger concerns than one species - even if it is the `highest' one and the created one.

If aliens exist and I think they do, they are surely looking down on us and factoring in just what combination of ecological disasters must occur to get us back to self-sustaining level, how long they should extend hunting season to get rid of all those deer parading through their backyards and eating all their rose bushes.....They'd be so slick you wouldn't even know they were behind your crippling flu

It's at this point that I would perhaps state that while they `could do it' - I'd be of the opinion that they wouldn't actually `cull the herd' - except in rare circumstances. I fully believe the aliens would be hands off unless it involved the planet living conditions. And, to me, wouldn't a crash of the electric grid pretty much do the trick for a quick cull?

"a vague 'see no evil' strategy, we refuse even to acknowledge the dark ambivalence of our own third eye unconscious, turning much of the 'New Age' philosophy into death-denying, evil-denying "all is love and light" bravado. All can be love, and love is stronger than darkness, but you wouldn't even 'feel' the light if not for that darkness. You wouldn't know what heat was if not for cold. We don't even know we're alive half the time if we're not facing death and confronting life's end at least once in awhile."

Love the above --- what would Blossom Goodchild think of that?

"I'm not saying become a Nazi or a murderer and I'm not saying stop taking your medicine, I'm just saying what I think needs to be said and hasn't.  If I the ideas in this post were commonly held beliefs, I'd be against them! I draw broad points because I'm trying to balance out the hysteria and irrationality of the other extreme. I do think that until we stop acting scared and holy and start owning up to our inner murderers we'll never be able to rid ourselves of modern society's stagnant hypocrisy. It's like in AA: you can't be helped until you admit you're sick.  If we can surrender to the inevitable, not demonize decay, and learn to stop struggling against mortality's sticky nets, not only will we be calmer and less antisocial, it might be just the thing that makes our keepers stir from their sleepy watch and pick up their clipboards and call the doctor in... a breakthrough in the treatment! Maybe then they'll decide we're ready to finally be cut loose and released back into the wild."

Nothing like brutal esoteric politics - Welcome Erich.


BUT, how can I not love Ouellet's point of view - as I am a market researcher too. And, Eric nails the correct viewpoint concerning population rates, skin color, and poverty levels and the reason for nearly all of the current conditions.

Indeed, FEW people are aware that with an assumption of falling birth rates in `developing countries' that the Earth will supposedly top out in population about the year 2200 or so and then will decline in population if birth rates hold to current and previous projections.

That said, I think Erich is probably 100% aware of the same `facts' and the situational cause of the politics of the world too. And, obviously, the so-called leaders of the `nations' are nearly all A influence, short sighted, and nearly worthless IMO. (But, don't get me started down that path.) Which, consequently, prevents any distribution of equality in nearly every manner. Of any resources.

Then, Eric drops this line in:
If there are aliens visiting us, and I really do not think it is a possibility,

Eric, my man, while not a certainty as far as a nuts and bolts comes in a vehicle aliens (though I'd say it is certainly over 50% - but - unlike many --- I don't think the nuts and bolts aliens are substantial in numbers and perhaps not a significant force compared to other `entities' that interact with consciousness) I will look forward to more about the above line.

(BTW, the person I am making initial motions too to join us at TCI would be a person who has many ideas about entities and human interactions.)

Finally, Eric says:
If there is a problem, it is in Western countries where industrialism and capitalism pushes the envelope of resources consumption to an ever-increasing level. Our hypothetical aliens would certainly ask themselves: they know this is unsustainable, so why they are persisting in that way of life?

Which IMO is the exact point of Erich's whole post - the aliens will simply cull the herd to cure the stupidness --- OR - as Eric says ---- indeed, ---- they may simply move onward.

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