Sunday, October 31, 2010

SP11 - Strickler Responds to Ufology

There has been and will most likely continue to be an argument between ufologists and zealot skeptics in reference to the existence of UFOs. "Do you believe in UFOs?"...the answer should be "I accept that unexplained objects are seen in the sky."

Society demands conclusive answers even if the reasoning is fallacious. Interest in the subject is usually construed as belief in aliens from other planets. This connection needs to be revolutionized, an objective that our future generations should strive to attain.

The "U" in UFO represents "unidentified"...most people and the media incorrectly assume "UFO" also means "aliens". This acronym is a detriment to other perspectives of the phenomenon, ex. abductions, close encounters, etc.

People that have an interest in UFOs need to realize that the aggregate examination of UFOs is simply theory. Overall, everything we perceive is basically theory...some are just more reliable than others.

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