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SP-10 Phillips Responds To Strickler

Lon, interesting evidence of events highly suggestive of alien mutilation or something similar. I've seen you cover some of these cases before on Phantom and Monsters (indeed, I may be mistaken but remember a very similar case in Pennsylvania I think) and they are mind boggling.

That said, IMO, they ARE limited. I mean, even if they number a few dozen (no comfort of course to those caught in such a situation) that is known via evidence on bodies `left behind' - a few dozen is truly minimal - at least IMO. And IF aliens are behind it - one could also assume something as nefarious as what Erich was suggesting IMO also --- that the aliens see us as perhaps no more important than a rosebush. (I do feel uncomfortable talking of `aliens' as ONE thing as I feel that up to four types of `entities' may interact with humans - as I've blogged about on The Heavy Stuff).

However, I do have to provide you with a link to missing person statistics - indeed, for 2009 even - and I think you will find the number of missing folks - at least officially thru government numbers - is considerably lower than the 10 million number.

Indeed, the link is burdensome to use IMO. But, IF I am reading it right - seems that less than 100,000 of the folks reported missing since 1975 are still `missing' --- (I could be wrong on this -- as when I first read the data - it seemed that up to 50,000 a year could still be `missing'.). Nevertheless, I do wonder if you had a link source too. Perhaps the millions number is a world based number?

Finally, I'd say that EVEN if it were a much larger number - that as a culling source - and EVEN if it were all aliens doing it - they wouldn't be making any real dent in population increases in the current world make-up. As world population is still increasing at nearly 100,000,000 a year.

Indeed, IF the real number of missing missing people over the last 35 years is indeed 90,000+, then that would mean about 3K a year and I'd be more than likely to say that those are in the bottom of lakes - and that someone got away with murder.

All that said, - IMO is it possible that aliens are abducting humans and that some are indeed killed, or mutilated? My answer is that it is possible - but - again IMO - just a small fraction of supposed `abduction' cases or ones who believe they have been abducted. I'm of the camp that favors a `structure of perception' answer to nearly all of these IMO subjective experiences.

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  1. Good and diplomatic post Rick.

    This highlights a big problem about UFO discussions on Internet: facts need to be always double (and triple) checked, and original sources found, especially when a statement has far reaching implications. Yet, original sources of data are rarely identified in the UFO world on the Net. I'd love to hear from a true believer why they rarely bother providing original sources.

  2. First off...relying on a government statistic is the first problem I see with the reply. As far as original sources go, those that investigate report the evidence they are given. It's a matter of what the reader believes and trust. If I had to worry about what my readers thought or how they interpreted the information I provide then I'd simply stop providing it. It's not a subjective reckoning....

  3. The National Center for Missing Adults, based in Phoenix, consistently tracks about 48,000 "active cases," says president Kym Pasqualini, although that number has been bumped up by nearly 11,000 reports of persons missing after this year's hurricanes.

    In a phone interview, Pasqualini said a breakdown of the 48,000 cases reveals the democratic nature of America's missing persons.

    Slightly more than half—about 25,500—of the missing are men. About four out of 10 missing adults are white, three of 10 black and two of 10 Latino.

    Among missing adults, about one-sixth have psychiatric problems. Young men, people with drug or alcohol addictions and elderly citizens suffering from dementia make up other significant subgroups of missing adults.

    About half of the roughly 800,000 missing juvenile cases in 2001 involved runaways, and another 200,000 were classified as family abductions related to domestic or custody disputes.

    Only about 100 missing-child reports each year fit the profile of a stereotypical abduction by a stranger or vague acquaintance.

    Two-thirds of those victims are ages 12 to 17, and among those eight out of 10 are white females, according to a Justice Department study. Nearly 90 percent of the abductors are men, and they sexually assault their victims in half of the cases.


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